Sicklerborg is a Kaiju from Ultraman, and a counterpart of Katanoborg.


After Katanoborg was destroyed, the aliens built a counterpart of Katanoborg. This new cyborg was smaller and lighter, to increase it's speed. It also had sickles instead of Katanas, and had new weapons, modifications, and innovations. He also was given more abilities.

Eventually, it was sent to attack earth, and destroy Ultraman. This time, it made it to earth at Mach 1,500. Ultraman arrived to fight it when it was devastating Tokyo. The battle resulted in added damage to the city. Sicklerborg nearly killed Ultraman, by draining his energy, using his tail. Then, Sicklerborg prepared to use his reactor beam, but Ultraman grabbed a piece of mirror from a tower, and deflected the reactor beam back at Sicklerborg. This heavily damaged Sicklerborg, who used his harpoons to attack Ultraman. However, Ultraman grabbed the harpoons, and swung Sicklerborg onto the ground, destroying Sicklerborg.


Sicklerborg resembles Katanoborg, being a counterpart, except with sickles, He also has more armor than Katanoborg. There is also just one tail, rather than three. Other than a few other differences, as well as the listed ones, he looks almost Identical to his predecessor.


  • Reactor Beam
  • Electricity from his head sickle
  • Shooting harpoons from his arm sickles
  • Sending electrical currents from his harpoons
  • Draining energy with his tail
  • Eye lasers
  • Energy shield
  • Electricity array with his sickles