The Universe -1 Silver Bloome, known as Betelgeuse Silver Bloome or Orion Silver Bloome, is a modified version of Silver Bloome created by KoopaGalaxain.


Betelgeuse Silver Bloome resembles the normal Silver Bloome, but its core is bright orange instead of yellow and it has thicker tendrils. When in its Open Form, Betelgeuse Silver Bloome's core is replaced with a miniaturized imitation Betelgeuse red supergiant star.


A Silver Bloome was loaned to Aetherium by a member of Black Directive's species on Planet Black. Aetherium then modified it into Betelgeuse Silver Bloome.


  • Betelgeuse Acceleration: As a result of the imitation star in its core, when in its Open Form, Betelgeuse Silver Bloome boasts heightened regenerative capabilities.
  • Betelgeuse Acid: Betelgeuse Silver Bloome can produce a more concentrated version of the normal Silver Bloome's acid.


  • Silver Bloome is one of my favourite Saucer Kaiju. As such, I decided to do this monster justice and include it in Universe -1.
  • Betelgeuse Silver Bloome's thicker tendrils are derived from the tentacles of a Humboldt squid. I decided to use the Humboldt squid as an image source because its tentacles looked much more threatening compared to the ribbon-like appendages Silver Bloome has! Now, it really looks like Silver Bloome could do some grappling and suplexing with those.
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