Silver The T-Rex is a T-Rex from the future or something that first appeared in this unholy creation.


Silver looks like a silver T-Rex.


Silver was a new character created for the worst video game of all time. In the game Silver comes from a post-appocolyptic future where everything is ded. He decides to go back in time to fix it but is tricked by the main villain, Alien Mephilas into fighting T-Rex. But they team up later or something and blah blah blah it's all very confusing.

Silver is still around for some reason and is now friends with T-Rex. However T-Rex will avoid him if possible.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention but Silver was in a bunch of meh T-Rex handheld games, but no one cares about those.


  • Silver has the same abilities as T-Rex for the most part.
  • gravity manipulation or something like that. Idk he makes a green aura around things and they levitate.
  • Silver can absorb the Chaos Diamonds to turn into a super form, like T-Rex and Shadow Rex can.
  • Time travel? Maybe?


  • Silver The T-Rex is an obvious parody of Silver The Hedgehog.
  • Silver is almost, but not quite, as edgy as Shadow Dark T-Rex The Edge.
  • True to Sonic Fan Parodies, Silver speaks in an annoying voice, adding to his friends' desire to avoid him.