Simpəl is a canine kaiju with triangular shaped years. Simpəl also has various black lines going through his body.


In Iquique, Chile a mysterious circle with various black lines appeared midair. After 30 minutes the circle started to fall into the ground.When it the ground it started to mutate into it's dog form, but was quickly wounded by the RA Foundation, but it quickly regenerated. While destroying the city where it was, it was sliced in half by Ultraman Atum, but it used the sand to heal himself and drag Atum to inside the ground. 1 week after the attack Atum got out of the ground and used his Hieroglyph  to trap Simpəl on them.


  • Regeneration: Simpəl can regenerate it's body with sand;
  • Underground Teleportation: Simpəl can teleport his enemies to under the ground.


  • Simpəl's head is shaped similar to pichu's head.
  • Simpəl's color scheme somewhat resembles the Ultraseven monster Eleking[1].