Skeleton Godzilla is a spooky scary skeleton Kaiju.


He's Godzilla, but a Skeleton. Simple.



Skeleton Godzilla was the original Godzilla, then he got killed by the Oxygen Destroyer.

Becoming a Cyborg

Go watch Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla and Tokyo SOS.

Being recruited by Death T-Rex

Death T-Rex sensed a being in Universe 986 that was both living and dead. That being was Kiryu. since he was in the market for minions, Death T-Rex ripped the Skeleton out of Kiryu and reaniated it as Skeleton Godzilla.

A T-Rex Halloween

Skeleton Godzilla, as well as Death T-Rex's other minions, were teleported to the spooky graveyard to fight T-Rex and his friends. Skeleton Godzilla tagged team with SkeleT-Rex for a little bit before Godzilla showed up. After defeating Shin Ghost Godzilla, Godzilla transformed into Super Super Godzilla and defeated Skeleton Godzilla with a single falcon punch. After the battle, the GDF took back the skeleton and rebuilt Kiryu.


  • Ghostly Atomic Breath. This beam is white, like the original Godzilla's.


  • Skeleton Godzilla is my second Skeletal Kaiju, after SkeleT-Rex.
  • Skeleton Godzilla parodies an old fandom misconception that Godzilla's skeleton was an accurate depiction of Ghost Godzilla
  • No spook scary skeleton jokes, I already beat everyone to it.

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