Skull Raptors are creatures from King Kong Meets Jurassic World.


The First Night

When the Jurassic World Site B Crew unknowingly arrived on Skull Island, they saw no sign of anyone on the island, so they found a suitable place to set up camp, setting up tents and building a few huts. At night, however, they were attacked by a pack of what they later called Skull Raptors. They found that they were very agile, and had venomous bites. Though about 10 out of 100 troops were killed, it was still frightening. Later, since they saw that they had no toe claws, they classed them as Troodontids.

Day 2

A group of Site B crewmen went out to scout for water. There were a few Skull Raptors drinking near a lake in the forest. The crewmen were worried that the Skull Raptors would notice them, but a large amphibian rose from the lake, and got into a confrontation with the Skull Raptors. The crewmen decided to escape while they were fighting. However, they were attacked by More Skull Raptors. However, before anyone could be injured, a giant ape (King Kong) appeared, and fought with the Skull Raptors. The giant ape was killing them easily, simply throwing them around. Soon, a large Skull Raptor appeared, making a hissing sound to call to it's kin. They soon retreated, as well as the the crewmen.


Skull Raptors are named for their skull- like coloring on their faces, which allows them to surprise their victims, and giving the Skull Raptor enough time to kill them. They have back bodies and eyes, with spines on their backs.


  • Venomous claws and teeth.
  • Extreme intelligence.
  • Great agility and speed.


  • Originally, it was going to have a completely Greek and Latin name, but it would sound better for it to be Skull Raptor.


IMG 4864

Size Comparison to a man.

IMG 4866

Skull Raptor in mid- leap.