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Slightly Troubled is the first episode of Shin Minilla: Hero of Japan. It was written by Scoobydooman90001. It is notable for being the introduction of the series and introducing Shin Minilla.


Two years ago, in 2016, Japan faced one of the worst disasters any country could ever possibly faced. They had been attacked by a terrifying creature they named Godzilla, a giant dinosaur-like creature that made its way to Japan, destroying everything in sight. It kept evolving, growing stronger and stronger with each new form. It was unknown how many forms the creature truly had, but four of them were documented. It had slowly began mutating into a fifth form, but this was prevented and the creature was successfully frozen, standing in place over Japan as a reminder of the tragedy they faced. Over the following two years, the frozen Godzilla remained in place, mostly intact. Some small pieces have fallen off here or there, but they had either been shattered or had been collected by military forces so that they could be disposed of. Since then, there had only been a couple of other monster attacks, though they were dealt with swiftly, proving to be nowhere near as devastating as the Godzilla attack in 2016. However, problems don't stay buried away forever. Like cockroaches, they persist and always find a way to come back.

On the 14th of April, the creature became active again. While its body remained frozen, two of the humanoids sprouting from its tail had began moving again. Still frozen, their movement was minimal and was restricted to small head twitches and hand twitches, both of which went unnoticed by the military and the general public. Four days later, on the 18th, a giant crack had began to form across and through Godzilla's chest. Though this scared the Japanese citizens, it was assumed that the creature was now splitting apart and would finally completely shatter. Despite this, close watch was being kept on the creature, in case anything unexpected were to happen. During this time, the Godzilla humanoids had stopped moving, presumably having either frozen over again or having noticed that they were now being watched by humanity once again. And then suddenly... CRACK! Godzilla's bottom jaw became the first part of this body to break apart, falling to the ground and smashing into multiple small shards of ice. His arms were the next pieces to split away, both falling in unison and breaking upon hitting the floor. Cracks had now began running up the tail and the back. Suddenly, without warning, the remaining creature just shattered into a million pieces, like glass compressed inside of a small cube. The two Godzilla humanoids that had become active fell to the ground, hidden by the icy cloud released into the air and the rain crashing down, surrounded by the loud sounds of thunder. Unnoticed by the military, they crawled away into the nearest sewer...

Still not completely reanimated, the Godzilla humanoids rested in the sewers, twitching in pain. Two days later, they finally began to move again. One of them balanced against a safety railing for maintenance workers and the other crawled through the polluted water, having noticed a concealed circuit board in the wall. It tried standing upwards, and limped in pain towards the wall. Propping itself against the wall, it felt the circuit board with its hand and pressed its hand against it, trying to push it open. It was soon joined by the other humanoid, who watched on as its brother tried to gain access to the circuit board. It lifted its arm and launched it into the circuit board, smashing straight through it and allowing electricity to surge through its body. It let out a loud roar as the electricity revitalized it. It reached its left arm out to the other humanoid and grabbed it, allowing it to be revitalized as well. The two humanoids collapsed, electricity still running through their bodies. The one who had punched the circuit board stood up, now no longer bearing any pain. It hissed victoriously as it looked up towards the ceiling, attempting to find a light source. It turned and looked at the other humanoid, still lying on the floor. It had been partially revitalized, though still looked as if it were in pain. The revitalized humanoid crouched behind it and laid down on top of it. It let out a small hiss and the two creatures began fusing together. It watched as its skin stretched outwards, joining with the skin of the other humanoid. Soon, a cocoon encased the two of them and the bonding process began.

Meanwhile, just off the coast of Japan, an egg washed up onto a shore. It already had multiple cracks across it, suggesting it had already began hatching. Shocked at what had just appeared on shore, an old fisherman rushed over to the human-sized egg so that he could examine it. "What on Earth is this?" he asked himself. He felt the egg with his hand and ran his fingers over the cracks. The tide began coming in and he quickly ran away to avoid being dragged into the ocean. The water dragged the egg backwards, forcing it to collide with a rock. Whatever was inside the egg gave out a high-pitched yelp as the cracks on the egg began to split open. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, the fisherman headed over to the egg and tried to look inside of it. Before he could get a good look, the creature's head came bursting out of the top of it, pushing him backwards to the ground. It was like nothing he had ever seen before! It had a flattened, arrow shaped head and was completely soaked, like a newly-hatched chick. Two yellow eyes darted down to look at him. Too afraid to run away, the fisherman looked in terror as wings emerged out of the crack. The creature's mouth began to glow yellow and a bright beam blasted out of its throat, scorching the fisherman and burning him alive. The creature then leaped into the air and flew out of view behind the clouds.

Back in the sewer, the cocoon had split open, paralleling the hatching of the egg. The fused creature inside of it let out the same roar that Godzilla had, and it slowly emerged from out of the purple gaseous smoke. It resembled Godzilla's intimidating fourth form, but ironically was the size of a human, giving it a deformed chibi-esque appearance. It coughed as the remaining blood coagulant used to freeze Godzilla dropped off of his body. "Who..." it asked, in a raspy voice only slightly resembling that of a human. It coughed again and tried to finish the sentence. "Who will know?" it asked. Still trying to grasp with reality, it tried to fix the grammatical errors of its intended question. "Who... What... What do... What do you know?" it asked. It repeated the same question as its tail lifted above the ground. The mouth of the face on the end of the tail suddenly dropped open, almost as if it was a dead husk. The creature looked at its tail and grinned. The tail suddenly shook, like a dog shaking away water, and its mouth began to move. It coughed up a small purple gas and began to speak. "Shin Godzilla... Reborn... Shin Minilla!" it declared. This creature was the result of the two Godzilla humanoids have joined together. The revitalized one had grown to become most of the body, while the partially-revitalized humanoid had became the tail. As part of its evolution, it had now learnt how to speak. Shin Minilla looked up to the ceiling and observed the moonlight shining through a grate.

In the streets of Tokyo, a group of teenagers were stood by a bus stop, discussing their social life. Like most oblivious people nowadays, they had already gotten bored of talking about the frozen man-destroying monster that had shattered into a million pieces just a few days ago. One guy on a bicycle rode past and traffic began to slow down as the light went red. Without warning, the ground suddenly began to rumble and a purple atomic beam erupted from underneath a car, exploding it and causing a chain reaction. In the smoke, the monstrous silhouette of Shin Minilla began to emerge. He let out a high-pitched squeal and in an attempt to be intimidating, stomped out from the smoke. "I AM SHIN MINILLA! FEAR ME AND FACE YOUR SUDDEN DOOM!" he ordered, trying to rub his two small hands together. The people around him stared at the human-sized monster in silence and began to laugh. Nobody could take him seriously! They continued to laugh, failing to notice him charging up an atomic beam. Almost as if he was vomiting, the atomic beam fired out of his mouth in a messy fashion, blasting in multiple directions. However, he still managed to kill someone, burning them to a cinder. Everyone stood in silence again... MASS PANIC! Everyone began running in different directions, screaming as loud as they possibly could!

Shin Minilla cackled evilly and began firing atomic beams from his back, destroying everything behind him. "Ay boss" his tail said, interrupting him. "Can I get in on the action?" it asked. Confused by why his tail was speaking in a stereotypical mobster accent, right down to the lingo, Shin Minilla briefly hesitated. They stared at each other for an uncomfortable six seconds. "Yeah sure" said Shin Minilla. The tail laughed and began firing atomic beams from its mouth, taking out multiple buildings and bringing them crashing down on top of the running civilians. The body-sharing duo were firing beams left, right and centre, destroying anything that came in their path. "We must finish what our father started!" shouted Shin Minilla, displaying his super strength by grabbing a car and throwing it like a frisbee. "Father?" asked the tail. "Aren't him and us technically the same---" BANG! The car thrown by Shin Minilla had collided with a bus, causing a giant explosion just down the street. He grinned and held back his insane laughter, charging up more atomic beams in his dorsal plates. The whole street was up in flames, something that would had taken the kaiju-sized Shin Godzilla just a second to have achieved.

Flying in to stop him, multiple military jets flew over the top of Tokyo so that they could find the small-scale destruction. Tanks on the ground also started rolling in, prepared to fire on first sight of him. However, they were suddenly distracted by an annoying loud screeching sound.

Gyaos Roar Heisei

Suddenly, they were surrounded by seven gigantic bat-like creatures! These creatures, known as Gyaos, had suddenly began hatching all over Japan. Multiple Gyaos began emerging from eggs hidden on top of buildings and had taken to the skies of Tokyo. They began slicing and dicing buildings by firing sonic beams from their mouths. They continued to screech, blasting the planes out of their flight path and sending them crashing into the buildings below. They swooped down into the streets and began firing their beams upon the citizens that had been running away from Shin Minilla's attacks. Unaware of Shin Minilla himself, they continued attacking people, even daring to grab some of them and drop them in the mouths of other invading Gyaos. Multiple tanks could be seen flying through the air like little toys, having being grabbed by the Gyaos and thrown around. Out of nowhere, a purple atomic beam blasted through the back end of a Gyaos and out of its mouth, completely obliterating it.

"Only one monster is allowed to destroy Japan" said Shin Minilla, looking up at the Gyaos as they turned to face him. "And that monster is me." He looked down at his tail and briefly took control of it. He charged it up with an atomic beam and fired it at the ground, propelling himself in the air. He grabbed on to the legs of the closest Gyaos, hanging above the streets of Tokyo. Pulling on the legs to turn the Gyaos left or right, Shin Minilla swung around as if he was riding a hang glider, firing at the other Gyaos with his tail and destroying them. Letting go of the Gyaos he was holding on to, he quickly blasted himself upwards into the air with his tail and quickly spun around to face the Gyaos, blasting it with the beam from his mouth. Three more Gyaos appeared behind him from around the corner of a building, but he blasted them with his dorsal fin beams without even looking. He landed on a rooftop, looking for more of them. As expected, another group of Gyaos (this time comprised of five of them) flew at him from multiple directions. Before he could attack them, an unexpected sixth Gyaos appeared behind him and grabbed him pecking at his back and trying to tear him apart. Before he could retaliate, the other five Gyaos joined in and began biting at multiple parts of his flesh. "Don, you gonna clip these fellas or what?" his tail asked, flailing around like a mace. Shin Minilla tried to break free, but the Gyaos were overpowering him. He managed to punch one of them in the face but it quickly got back to what it was doing. He opened his mouth to charge up an atomic beam, before it was pushed shut by a Gyaos attempting to claw his eyes out. He charged his beam up again, but the Gyaos in front of him fired its yellow sonic beam into his mouth. Seemingly merging with his own atomic beam, the yellow sonic beam traveled into his throat and out of the dorsal fins in his back, completely annihilating the Gyaos behind him. Now with just two Gyaos to go, he blasted the one on his head with his tail and fell to the streets below, falling into a trash dumpster. Believing it had killed him, the remaining Gyaos laughed hysterically. However, karma soon got its revenge and a purple beam fired out of the trash, killing the Gyaos and causing it to fall into the very same trash dumpster.

Shin Minilla climbed out, dragging the dead Gyaos by its neck. "My big comeback, ruined by a bunch of stupid bat things..." He tossed the dead Gyaos aside and looked around. Things hadn't gone quite to plan. Before he could get back to his rampage, he heard a louder, deeper screech. At the other end of the street, something was clearly moving but it couldn't be seen. It had camouflaged itself against the street. Shedding its disguise, it revealed itself to be a shining silver Gyaos, standing on two feet and just reaching kaiju size. It had his wings wrapped around it, like a bat would when hanging upside down. Its two yellow eyes opened, menacingly staring at Shin Minilla. It grunted, looking at the dead corpses of the Gyaos swarms that had been littered across the streets. Letting out a deafening screech, it stretched its wings outward and looked up to the moonlight, which was reflecting brightly against its skin. Having came from space, this Space Gyaos had planned to unleash its smaller Gyaos upon the Earth. Upset that Shin Minilla had destroyed the hatched Gyaos, it decided to focus its efforts on him.

"We're really pinched now, boss!" his tail shouted. "Shut up" ordered Shin Minilla, getting into a battle stance. Space Gyaos began flapping its wings, causing such large gusts of wind that cars began lifting off of the ground and flying towards Shin Minilla. Taking two cars to the face, Shin Minilla remained in his battle stance and clutched his fists. He began marching towards Space Gyaos, trying to push against the wind. Another group of tanks showed up to fire at Space Gyaos, but they were immediately pushed away by the wind, proving the military really are useless after all. Space Gyaos laughed and fired three beams from its mouth, each striking Shin Minilla in the chest and making him keel over in pain. It continued flapping its wings, taking advantage of Shin Minilla's vulnerability. Being thrown through the air like a ragdoll, Shin Minilla hit a wall and loosely dropped to the ground. He got up on his probably-non-existent knees and shook his head, regaining his senses. Space Gyaos jumped across the street to get closer to him, firing beams into the building above him, trying to trap him in a pile of debris. BOOM! Shin Minilla quickly dodged it, even batting one of the rocks into Space Gyaos' face with his tail. Predictably, Space Gyaos began flapping its wings again, blowing the rock away. Annoyed, Shin Minilla ordered his tail to charge up and launched himself through the air. The blast from his tail was so powerful that he propelled himself through the wind and directly into Space Gyaos' chest, tearing it open. Purple blood flooded out onto the streets and Space Gyaos screamed into pain. To finish him off, Shin Minilla fired his dorsal plate beams, exploding Space Gyaos' stomach.

Shin Minilla hopped out of the dead corpse and gazed into its lifeless eyes. "Looks like you just got shinned!" he shouted, fist pumping the air. His tail didn't react at all. The silence was so awkward that even the crickets didn't want to chirp. "Okay, fine, I'm never using that catchphrase again" admitted Shin Minilla, frowning in disappointment. Out of nowhere, a military jeep pulled up next to him. Some bland unnamed general (just like all the others you see in movies) stepped out and looked at all the dead bodies. "We did it!" he exclaimed. "The military defeat yet another horrible, monstrous creature!" Strangely, Shin Minilla didn't care that he was taking credit. He looked down at the general, wondering whether he should kill him or not. The general looked back at him, thinking the exact same thing. "Hey" said Shin Minilla. "Hi" said the general. They both looked around awkwardly. "Uh... Well" said Shin Minilla. "You don't kill me, I don't kill you" he offered. "Alright" replied the general. Shin Minilla looked at the streets around him. They were all on fire. The corpses of civilians and Gyaos were everywhere. One fire hydrant suddenly exploded, water gushing into the air. "Guess I'll be going then" said Shin Minilla. His tail charged up another beam and he propelled himself into the night sky, disappearing out of view.

"The End, I guess", said the general. He was fired the following week for letting Shin Minilla fly away.





  • Not only is this episode the first of the series, but it is the first episode in the series to feature a kaiju that isn't from any of the Godzilla movies. It marks the first appearance of a kaiju from the Gamera series.
  • The Gyaos featured in this episode are the ones seen at the beginning of Gamera: The Brave. However, these Gyaos are led by the Space Gyaos from Gamera vs. Guiron.

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