Sonazon is a terrifying monstrosity based off of the PS2 error screen that was created by Scoobydooman90001.


At 3,020 feet tall, Sonazon towers over the whole of Japan. He has a very bizarre appearance that is rather difficult to describe. His most notable features are his three-pointed tail, his long eye protruding from his mouth and his pale patch of skin with a halo floating around it.


Sonazon came into existence on the 4th of March in 2015, marking the 15th anniversary of the PlayStation 2. After many people had expressed their childhood fears of the PS2 start-up screen and the red error screen, Sony decided to keep them absent from the PS3 and PS4, instead opting for much more simpler start-up screens. Satan, who thought it was pretty funny that people were scared of a start-up screen for a video game consoles, was not happy when he found this out. As punishment, he took on a new form and became Sonazon, rising to the surface next to the Tokyo Skytree, grabbing it with his hand and ripping it in half. He played the PS2 error screen on a loop on the strange screen in his side and began to destroy all of Japan in his attempt to cleanse all life. He had soon destroyed the Earth and had wiped out all human life. There's no happy ending to this story.


It is unknown what abilities Sonazon has as he is literally Satan. His currently known abilities are:

  • Transformation: As Satan changed form to become a manifestation of the PS2 error screen, it is very likely that Sonazon can change form and adapt to his surroundings.
  • Flames: Sonazon can ignite anything he looks at and can summon the fires of hell to burn the streets for him, leaving no survivors.
  • Mouth: Sonazon can bend forwards, retract his eye and widen his mouth to scoop up as many creatures as possible and swallow them. It's probably one of his more terrifying abilities.
  • Halo: Sonazon can eject the halo from its levitation and order it to spin around the city and slice through people, buildings and other things.


  • The PS2 Red Screen was terrifying as a child so it only makes sense that this thing was as terrifying as possible. It may not look that creepy as an MS Paint drawing, but I'm sure you'd run away from it in real life.
  • This kaiju was created after reminiscing with KoopaGalaxain about our childhoods with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles and their bizarre start-up screens and error screens.

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