SpaceGodzilla Man is a villainous clone of Godzilla Man.


SpaceGodzilla Man looks like Godzilla Man, but with Red eyes and hand circles. His cape is also purple, and he has SpaceGodzilla's crystal protrusions on his shoulders, head, and tail.


One day Godzilla Man saving the day from some threat that will not be specified for sake of keeping Godzilla Man canon intact, when he was sucked into one of Universe 986's wormholes. Godzilla Man decided to explore the strange new universe, when all of a sudden, some Kemur Men came out of nowhere and stuck a syringe in Godzilla Man's arm. After retreating to their base, the combined his DNA with that of SpaceGodzilla, and SpaceGodzilla Man was born. SpaceGodzilla Man broke out of the lab and killed all the Kemur Men. He made a beeline for Godzilla Man's current location, and the two got ready to fight. As the fight begun, another wormhole opened and Godzilla Man was sucked back into his home universe. SpaceGodzilla Man went on a rampage, until Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla, and Superman arrived to confront him. The four engaged in combat, with SpaceGodzilla Man proving a formable foe, until Godzilla transformed into Super Super Godzilla. Soon that battle turned in the favor of our heroes, and SpaceGodzilla Man was defeated when SSG, Superman, and SpaceGodzilla all punched him at once, causing a large explosion that seemingly killed SpaceGodzilla Man.


  • Flight: SpaceGodzilla Man is able to lift off of the ground and fly through the sky at incredibly fast speeds. Like most generic superheroes, he flies with his fists clenched and his arms outstretched.
  • Eye Lasers: SpaceGodzilla Man can fire yellow laser beams from his eyes that can slice through solid objects.
  • Corona Beam: SpaceGodzilla Man can fire an orange Corona beam out of his mouth to attack his enemies. He can also fire Corona beams out of the two red circles he has on his hands.
  • Electricity Bolts: SpaceGodzilla Man can fire electricity bolts from his fingertips to horrifically burn his enemies.
  • Ice Breath: SpaceGodzilla can breath a cloud of ice from his mouth that freezes everything that it touches, living or not. This attack has short range and long range, though it gets smaller the further it reaches.
  • Super Strength: SpaceGodzilla Man can literally pick up buildings straight out from the ground and throw them at his enemies. He can also pound the ground and create giant cracks running through the city.
  • Force: Similar to how the Sith use the force, SpaceGodzilla Man can use the red circles on his hands to utilize the force so that he can grab objects and move them around.
  • Speech: SpaceGodzilla Man is able to speak every language.
  • X-Ray Vision: SpaceGodzilla Man can use X-Ray Vision to look through solid objects and locate living beings.
  • Construction: SpaceGodzilla Man can make solid stone rise out from the ground to create walls and weapons.
  • Crystal manipulation


  • SpaceGodzilla Man is obviously a parody of Godzilla Man, one of Scoobydooman90001's Kaiju.
  • SpaceGodzilla Man's existence is very ironic, as Scoobs doesn't like SpaceGodzilla.
  • "The SG on his cape finally makes sense"-Scoobs
  • SpaceGodzilla Man's cape coloration is based on Bizzaro.