Spartaler is an alien from Planet Toilet created by MosuFan2004.


Spartaler is a toilet paper with 2 black arms and 2 black legs, also has a sword, a knife and a shield with a drawing of a toilet paper.


After a 5 years long war between Toilet Papers and Toilet Brushes that almost destroyed the Planet Toilet, Toilet Brushes escaped along with their spaceships, leaving the Planet Toilet almost destroyed. Spartaler was the only Toilet Paper who survived the war. He made a decent spaceship with the materials he found on his planet. He left the Planet Toilet and gone to the space. Dubsteparian was going to a McDonald's on Jupiter, but Spartaler's spaceship crashed right on the McDonald's, Dubsteparian said "Why is this only happening to me?" and rescued Spartaler from the spaceship on fire. Dubsteparian took Spartaler to Earth. Dubsteparian though Spartaler was dead. Dubsteparian accidently turned on a Justin Bieber song, Spartaler immediately woken up to turn it off. He and Dubsteparian became friends and Spartaler joined the Memedefenders because of tacos.


  • Sword: Spartaler has a sword, do I need to say more?
  • Shield: Spartaler has a shield that is used as a real life shield but can also deflect beams.
  • Knife: Spartaler has a knife, again, do I need to say more?
  • Speed: Spartaler is really fast.
  • Durability: Spartaler is really durable, he survived a 5 years long war with many injuries.


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