The Spidoctor is a spider-like kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


The Spidoctor comes from a parallel universe to ours in which everyone has access to modern technology but are still in the Victorian time period. Out of boredom, the Spidoctor cruelly took Generikko and Barundabagungasaurus out of their universes and into his. He transformed them into humans and framed them for a murder that they didn't commit. They were accused of murdering an innocent family and had to take up the roles of detectives to prove they were innocent. They tracked the Spidoctor down and confronted him, where it was revealed that he had been feeding off of the negative energy created by the hatred and lies surrounding the two of them. Despite being humans, they overcame the Spidoctor and were reverted to their true kaiju forms. They shook hands and soon returned to their own universes.


The Spidoctor's true appearance is unknown as he opts to take a smaller, human-sized appearance. However, he can't suppress some of his features and thus they are still visible, albeit in a much smaller size. He has violet-coloured fur and some facial features. For example, he has a nose. It is unknown if he has any eyes, though he does have a mouth and a beard. Strangely, the insides of his mouth stretches out from his body from the areas hidden beneath his hat and reaches outwards, functioning as four spider legs. He wears a purple hat and a purple robe.


  • Universe Grabbing: The Spidoctor can reach into other universes and take living beings out of them.
  • Transformation: The Spidoctor is able to transform living beings into other species. He did this to himself that render himself down to human size. He did the same to Generikko and Barundabagungasaurus.
  • Levitation: The Spidoctor is able to levitate above the ground.


  • The Spidoctor can be considered a kaiju as his true form he hides away is very colossal in size.
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