Spiker (Japanese translation: Supaika) is the second Kaiju that Archon faced in the Archon film series.


Dr. Huron, a scientist at a labratory called Gene- Tech, was performing gene- splicing experiments in Miami, Florida. However, Gene- Tech was going bankrupt, so, to continue his experiments, he was transferred to a town in Japan.

Dr. Huron had perfected his experiment, mastering the hybridization of a porcupine and a monitor lizard. However, there was a Nuclear reactor breach, which caused him to be forced into leaving his studies. He lost all of his documents, expirements, and footage of his life's work.

However, years later, proof of his studies was found. A gigantic organism was found near Indonesia.

Months later, it was spotted in Miami, causing extensive destruction. However, another creature, Archon, appeared from the ocean. He automatically attacked the creature, named Spiker by Dr. Huron. They fought for a little while. Spiker launched quills at Archon, but he burned them. Archon grabbed Spiker's tail, and flung him across Miami, causing it to crash into several buildings. As Spiker attempted to roll into Archon again, Archon breathed his heat breath at a heavily injured Spiker, and killed it.


Spiker is mostly mammalian in appearance, but has reptilian claws, and a long tail. It is quadrupedal. It is a dark brown, with black eyes. It also has rodent- like teeth, since porcupines are rodents, and reptilian teeth behind them.


  • Shooting quills from it's tail
  • Rolling into a ball


  • Spiker is the longest Kaiju in the Archon film series.
  • Spiker is one of the few quadrupedal Kaiju in the series. The other is Kamorogon.