Leviathan is a massive crocodile-like monster that appears in the film Leviathan vs Behemoth. Spinocroc is a powerful hybrid kaiju who is set to appear in The Saga Chronicles, Spinocroc123's shared Kaiju universe films.


In the Spinocroc123 universe, Leviathan's origins are never put out directly, but it is heavily implied that he was a creation of God.

In The Saga Chronicles, the Spinocroc was a genetically engineered creature design to be the perfect creature to fight the ravaging Spacewolf.


Spinocroc has a very long crocodilian head, with long needle-like conical teeth. a muscular neck and roof-like scales on his back. Its limbs are a mix between those of a platypus and a crocodile, and lastly, it has a long but thick tail resembling that of the Ultra-monster, Gomora.


Spinocroc universe:

Leviathan vs Behemoth



The Monster Prince (2017 reboot)


Godzilla The Wrath of Ghidorah



As Leviathan:

  • Flame Breath: Leviathan can create a flamethrower-like effect with his mouth.
  • Water Manipulation: Leviathan can control water molecules and mold them with his will.
  • Durability

As Spinocroc:

  • Radioactive beam: Spinocroc can fire a radioactive beam from his mouth. This beam can kill a monster with one hit.
  • Rolling: Spinocroc can turn itself into a ball and crush its foes.
  • Optic blasts: at will, Spinocroc can fire powerful optic blasts.
  • Physical strength: This prehistoric leviathan can use its jaws, limbs, back, tail and head to bash and crush foes with great force.


  • While Leviathan is carnivorous, Spinocroc appears to be omnivorous.