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Spinosuchus, also known as Kaijusaurus or Spinocroc, is a powerful hybrid kaiju who is set to appear in Spinocroc123's shared Kaiju universe films and later reincarnated in CoC


In the Spinocroc123 universe, Spinocrocs are a species descended from Spinosaurus who was exposed to high levels or radiation and gained the ability to self-evolve and mutate into a giant kaiju.


Spinocroc has a very long crocodilian head, with long needle-like conical teeth. a muscular neck and a back filled with roof like scales. Its limbs are a mix between those of a duck, a platypus, and a crocodile, and lastly, it has a long but thick tail resembling that of the Ultra-monster, Gomora.


Spinocroc universe:

Leviathan vs Behemoth


The Monster Prince (2017 reboot)


Godzilla The Wrath of Ghidorah


Council Of Creators (series)



  • Radioactive beam: Spinocroc can fire a radioactive beam from his mouth. This beam can kill a monster with one hit.
  • Self-Mutation: This creature's power is to evolve and mutate at will, although he currently lost his abilities.
  • Rolling: Spinocroc can turn itself into a ball and crush its foes.
  • Optic blasts: at will, Spinocroc can fire powerful optic blasts.
  • Physical strength: This prehistoric leviathan can use its jaws, limbs, back, tail and head to bash and crush foes with great force.


  • TBA