Spinodon, or Spino for short, is a Kaiju created by BreakoutLizzy.


Spinodon has green scaly skin, a large spine on his back, a long tail, dorsal plates on said tail, and has eyes which are typically normal colored but can change to red at will to detect threats.


There was a Spinosaurus on an island. It got mutated by nuclear tests. A few years the Spinosaurus would then return,but changed, having been transformed into the Kaiju Spinodon.


  • Red eyes: Spino's eyes help him detect kaiju or threats.
  • Blue Beam: A beam that can hurt enemies and knock them almost a mile away.
  • Power Form: This form helps him get stronger.
  • Shadow Charge: His strongest form, some say it's unstoppable.


  • Spino's shodai design was originally friendly eyes,lighter green skin,and armor lacking on him,he was also smaller.this info is here because that spino would not have existed if I have not made this spino.
  • In the early days,spino was originally supposed to be a threat to godzilla and his friends.but this all changed in a period of time.

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