Splicer is a combined kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.

Splicer is a combined kaiju consisting of two unknown disfigured kaiju. He developed a fascination with Nurth and split him into multiple beings.


Splicer is very disfigured due to being made up of two different kaiju. He has two screaming heads on each side of his head, one big and one small. He has a shriveled neck with nothing attached to it. He also has two very disfigured arms, each bearing three fingers. He has two chunky legs with small feet and a giant dark blue stripe going around his body that allows him to scan enemies and split them into multiple beings. There are strange grey markings on his hands and legs.


Looking for love, Splicer made it's way to Ganithrum on a quest to find a partner. He soon found Nurth and fascinated by his bright colours, quickly grew an attraction to him. He split Nurth into fifteen separate beings and scooped them up inside of the non-functioning mouth on his giant head, taking them away to a nest somewhere. Oh Pi tracked the kaiju down and found his nest where the Nurths were being kept. Assuming that Oh Pi was another kaiju infatuated with Nurth, Splicer began to fight him for dominance. The two fought for a while before Splicer split Oh Pi into ten smaller copies of himself. They all flew directly into Splicer, knocking him over and defeating it. Distressed, Splicer restored the multiple Oh Pi copies and Nurth copies into the full beings they originally were. Nurth hugged him and patted his large head in order to boost his self-esteem. Splicer died of a brain tumor shortly after Oh Pi and Nurth left.


  • Splicing: Splicer is able to scan other beings and split them into smaller copies of themselves.
  • Restoration: Splicer is also able to scan these smaller copies and combine them back into the original creature they once were.
  • Storage: The mouth on Splicer's larger head doesn't actually function and isn't connected to a throat of any kind. Because of this, Splicer scoops up smaller beings into his mouth to take them elsewhere.


  • Splicer may have no concept of what gender is as he never noticed Nurth was a male kaiju.
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