Staryup is a dumb child's drawing created by SuperNerd. It was brought to life by the Upper Beings to destroy Jefferey. It engaged in battle with him 5 hours after it was born.


Staryup's body is slender and star shaped. His head is literally a star with a smile on it. His legs have a purple spot that then becomes the same pale color as the rest of his body. His arms turn into whips as long as his body.


Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventure

Main article: Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures - Shooting Stars!


  • Whips - Whips
  • Duplication - Upon death Staryup will duplicate a hundred times.
  • Bloat - Staryup will grow bloated in his morphed form when hurt.


Staryup's name comes from the word Star, as that is the shape of his head, and yup, the word he always says and won't stop saying.


  • Staryup is the stupidest kaiju in his universe. He challenged the galaxy sized kaiju at only 20 meters.
  • Staryup's time is distorted. To him, 7 seconds is a full million years.
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