Stingo is a creature created by Scoobydooman90001.


Stingo's body is very tall and thin. He has a large head, two small arms and two gargantuan legs. He wears a yellow shirt, grey leggings and black socks. He wanted to have black shoes but there weren't any available in his size and shape. He also wears a red bow tie with white spots.


Nobody truly knows where Stingo comes from. Some believe he is a manifestation of the online Lazy Town memes while others believe he is an alien from outer space and that the resemblance is a mere coincidence. He once began destroying cities with his loud voice and actually managed to wipe out all of the humans in the area. Military jets and tanks attempted to fight him but they all exploded from Stingo's horrific screaming. Stingo let out a victory scream that was so loud and horrible that it warped the fabric of time and reversed all of the events that happened. Stingo was never seen again. However, he later joined the Meme Squad and became of its main members.


  • Singing: Stingo's main method of attack is singing incredibly loudly. This attack can actually cause people's heads to explode and even makes solid matter shake and collapse.


  • I'd like to apologise in advance if the roar in the infobox bursts your eardrums and makes you go deaf.
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