Submara is a submarine kaiju created by the Upper Being to combat Jefferey, the other one being Vainesq.


Submara is a yellow bipedal creature with a hatch on it's back. It's feet are thrusters and it's hands function as a machine gun and a sword respectively. It has a long tail and a hatch on it's back. It's head is mostly grey with yellow running down the back. It has a large window protecting the back of it's head, along with sporting many windows down it's body.


Article: Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures - We All Live in a Kaiju Submarine!


  • Shrinking - Submara can shrink to microscopic size, allowing it to easily escape enemy attacks or run away.
  • Sword - Sword
  • Machine Gun - Machine Gun. It shoots things.
  • Morphing - Submara can transform into a submarine.


  • Submara is based off of Transformers. Duh.
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