Super Bagan is a more powerful form of Bagan from the fan made video game Super Godzilla Returns created by Burninggodzillalord. Super Bagan will officially debut in the game's 3rd Episode. 


Super Bagan looks much like his original counterpart, but in Super Godzilla's colors.


Super Bagan is the final weapon of the Dogolians in their invasion, after all of their previous kaiju had been defeated by Godzilla. Super Bagan proved to be too powerful for even Super Godzilla, but was eventually defeated by Ultimate Godzilla.


  • Super Bagan presumably retains the abilities of his normal form, albeit they are much stronger.


  • As mentioned above, Super Bagan's colors are based on Super Godzilla.
  • Super Bagan being the opponent that requires Ultimate Godzilla to be defeated parallels the normal Bagan requiring Super Godzilla to defeat.
  • Super Bagan may be considered an example of a Godzilla fanfiction trope in which Bagan is used as the final opponent and is made much more powerful than he normally is.