Super Super Gomora is the Super form of Super Gomora, Gomora's derpy looking cousin


Super Super Gomora looks like the normal Gomora, but with Super Sayian hair and some extra spikes and horns


Super Gomora was going about his day on Monster Island, until he was captured by Frieza, who was in an even more powerful form, that still wasn't his final form. He experimented on the poor derpy Kaiju, turning him into Super Super Gomora and unleashing him to kill Super Super Godzilla. However, Super Super Gomora was intercepted in a forest by Ultraman and Hanuman. The two heroes defeated Super Super Gomora, returning him to his normal form and freeing him from Frieza's control. Super Gomora now hangs out with his fellow derpy Kaiju on Monster Island, such as Twin Tail, Detton, and a variety of others. At the request of his cousin, Super Gomora, along with derpy allies, fought off the Trilopods and Matiga. I can put it on this page because this form was used as well. Like all the other Kaiju on Monster Island, Super Gomora, in this form, aided in killing Trumpzilla.


  • Same as the normal Super Gomora, but 10x stronger
  • Kame Hame Ha (fired from horn)


  • This is the fourth Super Super Kaiju.
  • Nobody's going to get the joke behind this guy, because barley anyone knows who Super Gomora is.
  • In Canon, Super Gomora is the revived form of the original Gomora. I decided to change it to the cousin thing.