T-Rex 2006, infamously known as T-Rex 06, is a game in the T-Rex series. It is the worst game in the entire series and you can't argue otherwise because there is no "T-Rex Boom".

Gameplay Edit

T-Rex 06's gameplay is much like the previous T-Rex games, but buggier, and all around worse.

Story Edit

T-Rex 06 is so unfinished that there is only one story mode, the good guy story. In said story, Dr. Pingas kidnaps some human princess that T-Rex has fallen in love with for some reason, so T-Rex tries to get him back and the story is so convoluted after that I can't even fucking explain it.

Playable characters Edit

Reception Edit

The game was panned and for good reason. It was a piece of shit and everyone hated it.

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned above, this is the worst T-Rex game.
  • T-Rex 06 is an obvious parody of Sonic 06.

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