T-Rex 2006, infamously known as T-Rex 06, is a game in the T-Rex series. It is the worst game in the entire series and you can't argue otherwise because there is no "T-Rex Boom".


T-Rex 06's gameplay is much like the previous T-Rex games, but buggier, and all around worse.


T-Rex 06 is so unfinished that there is only one story mode, the good guy story. In said story, Dr. Pingas kidnaps some human princess that T-Rex has fallen in love with for some reason, so T-Rex tries to get her back. But there's like an evil sun god or something that wants to kill everyone but he's actually just half of another dude who's super powerful and stuff and the other half is some shadow guy who isn't Alien Mephilas who turns himself into an even edgier clone of Shadow Dark T-Rex The Edge or something and does some evil stuff. Also there's a post apocalyptic future where Silver T-Rex is from and he lives there with another character form T-Rex Rush who's origin is completely changed for no reason. so Silver T-Rex goes to the past and fights T-Rex for some reason. Also the princess gets kidnapped like a million times and I think there's a time travel thing at the end that makes it so none of it ever happened also the princess is Mary Sue or something and she has some special power thing but she doesnt wanna use it and there's a part where her and T-Rex kiss which is really gross and the story is so convoluted after that I can't even fucking explain it. Also if the princess cries the world end so that's a thing.

Playable characters


The game was panned and for good reason. It was a piece of shit and everyone hated it. Some people were scarred for life and claimed the game raped their childhoods or something.


  • As mentioned above, this is the worst T-Rex game.
  • T-Rex 06 is an obvious parody of Sonic 06.
  • The story of this game is more of a clusterfuk than the actual clusterfuck