T-Rex Unleashed is a game in the T-Rex series and the final T-Rex game I intend to make for a while.


T-Rex Unleashed is sometimes a platformer and sometimes a fighting game. It's actually really weird.


Dr. Pingas accidentally split the entire Earth in half while fighting T-Rex. Then a huge crystal plague started all over the Earth, later turning out to be the result of Space T-Rex. T-Rex is also a werewolf now. Because reasons. Now the Kaiju have all split up into different factions for some reason. The player picks one of these and does stuff. Oh and the Earth is split in half. Eventually the bad guys get dead T-Rex stops being a werewolf and the world is saved. YAY!


Good Guys

This faction includes T-Rex himself and various other good Kaiju


Goodish guys

This is basically the military. This faction serves as a convenient place to put all the robot characters.


Bad guys from space

This faction contains all the bad guys who are from space that aren't Space T-Rex.


Bad guys who aren't from space

This faction contains all the bad guys who aren't from space. Also Space T-Rex is part of this faction.



The game was met with mixed reception. However most of this was but hurt fanboys who hadn't gotten over T-Rex 06 yet.


  • This is the final T-Rex game I plan to make for a while
  • Several characters were considered for this game and scrapped.
  • I now have an excuse to make Space T-Rex and Dark Gaia's pages expect those soon.
  • Like all previous games in the series, the game's events took place in real life. At this point T-Rex was pretty sure something was up and wanted to get to the bottom of this.