T- Rexzilla is a mutated irradiated T- Rex.



During prehistory, T- Rex battled with Godzillosaurus for supremacy in the Cretaceous Period. When they were battling, the meteor hit, which caused them to retreat. They found shelter underground. To survive, they became dormant. They were awakened by a nuclear bomb test millions of years later.

Present Day

T- Rexzilla was earlier to rise. It attacked the nearest city, which happened to be Tokyo. However, Godzilla rose soon after. It headed in the direction of T- Rexzilla. Godzilla landed the first attack, which started the battle. Godzillal after hours of fighting, threw T- Rexzilla into a building, and broth atomic fire breath on him, ending T- Rexzilla. That proved Godzilla was the true dinosaur king.


  • Blasting atomic fire.

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