"Mommy! Theres something destroying the city!"- Shinji Anno during T.T.F.M.N's attack on Kyoto in 1979.

T.T.F.M.N. is a robot kaiju created by BigRandomKaiju.


T.T.F.M.N. resembles a large robot with a large black pane of glass in the center of it's torso. It has a red visor and pincers for hands.


T.T.F.M.N. is a giant robot that was created from Shinji Anno's nightmare of a giant robot destroying a city, but soon after his appearance he was destroyed by a mysterious creature called "Ultraman Atum".


  • Size: The estimated size of the robot it's 50 meters tall (164 feet tall).
  • Pincer: The giant robot has a pincer that can destroy anything that it pinches, but the downside is the pincer cant really open much.
  • Satellite Dish: The Satellite Dish can fire electric waves that destroys buildings and burn people to crisp, but it can be reflected by a barrier and its effects are negated by rubber materials.


T.T.F.M.N.'s biggest weakness is the black panel in his chest that is made out of black glass were his energy core resides. The way that "Ultraman Atum" destroyed T.T.F.M.N. was by using his "Ankh punch" in the robot's chest. 


  • T.T.F.M.N.'s design is based on old retro robots from the 50s and 60s.