Ta-Kon (pronounced Tah-Kahn) is a young Ohpinian / Nile Crocodile hybrid kaiju created by The Boy Who Cried Godzilla.

On the planet of Ohpinia, late in its history, the Ophinian race developed gene splicing technology. Ko-Tok is one of the mutants that came from it.


Ta-Kon is average size for his age, and sports a long green snout, small yellow eyes, and a blue underbelly. He has two swoopy antennae, and a tail coming out of his back. Ta-Kon has two four-toed feet.


On the planet of Ohpinia, a the secret paramilitary puppetmaster government began to experiment with gene-splicing to create powerful weapons to enforce their will on the people in a more forceful fashion than their current secrecy. They then began to develop hybrids of infant Ophinians and animals to create fearsome mutants modeled after gods and heroes from their ancient folklore. Ta-Kon was only an infant when he was taken to the puppetmaster government facility and crossed with Nile Crocodile DNA to emulate the god Horus. Ta-Kon was then conditioned alongside other mutations to serve the puppetmasters' will at all costs.


Ta-Kon's abilities are yet unknown, though he is semi-aquatic.

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