The Alien Ambassador Who Definitely Didn't Come To Kill Us All is a short story written by Scoobydooman90001 that is set in Universe 1939. It is the first story written to have been set in that particular universe and acts as a sort of pilot for future stories featuring the characters and kaiju from this timeline. This story was written on the 2nd of January in 2017. It was written before the two stories that come before it.


Scene 1

Within the streets of New York, another grand battle was taking place. This time our hero, Godzilla Man, was battling the most villainous monster of all time, Kamacuras. Between them they had destroyed the entire city block. All around them was the broken remains of buildings, vehicles and roads.

"You think you stand a chance?" Godzilla Man shouted as he descended back down to the ground. The Kamacuras was unable to speak English, but from the few chirping sounds it made, it was obvious that it was shouting some offensive insult at Godzilla Man.

"You take that back!" he shouted angrily. "Take it back or I shall defeat you even more than I already will, vile villain!" However, the Kamacuras completely ignored them. It began to flap its wings and then lifted off of the ground towards Godzilla Man with its arms outstretched. Godzilla Man leaned forwards as his eyes began to glow red. The Kamacuras attempted to grab him but was immediately exploded as soon as it came into contact with the scorching lasers that had suddenly blasted from Godzilla Man's eyes. Godzilla Man looked at the creature's remains and all of the destruction the two of them had caused. To say there were some damages would be quite a bit of an understatement.

"Another triumphant victory!" he exclaimed, posing victoriously.

"Godzilla Man! Godzilla Man! Down here!" a voice shouted. Godzilla Man looked down to the ground to find a crowd of humans had gathered around him to observe the fight. The specific person trying to gain his attention was a woman reporting live to the news.

"Yes? What do you want, humble human?" he asked, getting as close to her as he possibly could.

"Hi, I'm Janine Fletcher, news reporter for Channel 9 News. I'd just like to ask you a few questions about you and why you do what you do, if that's okay with you?"

"Hahah!" he shouted gladly. "I shall happily be a part of your interview, human!" Godzilla Man straightened his cape and made sure he looked good for the camera. However, a yellow meteor suddenly flew past his face, much to the surprise of everyone in the area. It smashed into the side of a building and actually tunneled through it before turning back around and landing on the floor by some trees, blowing them off of the ground and into the air like crash test dummies. Everyone completely ignored Godzilla Man and ran over to the crashed meteor to investigate it. Looking into the crater, they observed as they saw a small, adorable, yellow alien rise up from the ground. With help from the humans, it got out of the crater and looked up at everyone around it. This creature, no taller than the average leg, coughed up some dirt and then prepared to speak.

"Uh... Hello" it said with a very squeaky voice. "My name is Babu! I am a Skreeonkudonk from the planet Skreeonkulus and I come in peace!"

The camera man barged through the crowd to get a good look. "Wow, it's an actual alien!" he gasped.

"Yes, sure, whatever" Janine said, pushing past him. She held a microphone to the small creature. "My name is Janine Fletcher, news reported for Channel 9 News."

"My name is Babu, Eater... Um, Ambassador of Skreeonkulus. How are you?" the creature asked, reaching towards the microphone to speak into it. Godzilla Man looked at the little creature and grunted. He was sure that the creature was lying and had a more darker motive.

"How about you come with us?" Janine said, opening up the back of her news van. "We'll take you to the studio, give you something to eat and drink and then we can talk. Is that okay to you?"

"Oh wow" Babu said gleefully. "Where I come from, we aren't given food to eat and drink. We have forests, deserts and other environments where we hunt for food."

"That's very interesting" Janine said dismissively as she ushered the creature into her van. "We'll have to talk more about it later." She climbed into the back of the van and closed the doors behind her. The van drove off down the road and the crowd of people began to go their separate ways. One bystander looked up and noticed that Godzilla Man was still stood among the wreckage.

"Oh, you're still here?" he asked. "We thought you left ages ago. We don't really need you now."

Scene 2

Just hours later, word about Babu made its way around the internet and he had already began to become world famous. Tumblr users began obsessing over him and shipping him with fictional characters while the universes of DeviantArt made their own Babu OCs and fanfics. Some people had even began selling custom Babu shirts, hats and wristbands on the internet to make a quick buck. Babu was even scheduled to make a public appearance on the Channel 9 News. The clock struck six and the somewhat annoying Channel 9 chime played out just as it always would. The cameras all focused in on Janine and Babu who were sat together on a plain, white couch in the middle of a brightly lit studio that had been decorated with some exotic flowers.

"Hello men, women and any other gender we apparently have now, this is Janine Fletcher, news reporter for Channel 9 News and you're watching... Channel 9 News... Anyways, I'm here with an alien, he calls himself Baby and-"

"-No, no" the alien cut in. "My name is Babu. I am an ambassador from the planet Skreeonkulus and I wish to make friends with the Earth and the people on it." He looked into the camera and gave a very cute smile to the people of the world.

"That's very sweet. So what do you do for a living, Babu?" Janine asked, unconvincingly reading off of the teleprompter.

"Oh, not much. I just dash around space and meet some people. I live a very relaxed life. Sometimes I visit this one place. There isn't much to do there. I do things though. Yep. That just about sums me up."

"Ah, well that was very interesting, Babu. Do you have anything else you'd like to tell us?" Janine asked him.

"Yes. I wish to inform you all that 10 lucky humans will be allowed to return with me to my home planet to meet my people and understand my culture and ideologies. You will be chosen at random and beamed to the place I find most convenient. I shall then undress you and provide you with suitable clothes for space travel so that you may come with me to my planet. That is all."

"Alright Babu, well that was really nice to know." Janine turned to the camera. "Up next we have a story about a young disabled child finally losing the will to live and another story about how a cat was accidentally killed when someone used a pitchfork to get it out of a tree. Over to you, Tom." The cameras stopped filming as the broadcast cut to Tom and his crew live on location. Babu got down from the sofa and make his way to the exit so that he could leave the studio and get a drink. However, he was stopped in his tracks by two men in black suits and ties.

The man on the left looked down at him. "You are Babu?"

"Yes, that is me" the little alien said, looking up at them. The man on the left looked at the man on the right, signalling him to talk.

"The President has requested that you come to the White House. He is very interested in you and would like to meet you in person."

"He would? Well, that's perfect!" Babu said with delight. "How can I turn down an offer like that?"

"The car is waiting outside, if you'd like to come with us, Mr. Babu." Babu followed them outside of the building and left to meet the president. Wearing a long grey trench coat, sunglasses and a grey bowler hat, Godzilla Man stood behind the building and looked over the top of it, watching them drive away.

Scene 3

President Obama sat down at his desk, preparing things for when his successor took over. Tired of this, he got out of his chair and looked out of the window and at the outside scenery. It was the only thing that could please him in these dark times. He heard the door creak and turned around to face the people about to enter his room.

"He's right in here" whispered a muffled voice as the small yellow alien poked his large head through the door.

"Please, come in" Obama said, offering Babu a seat. Babu waddled through the door followed by the two men from earlier. They closed the door behind them and stood in front of it. Babu looked at them and then turned back to face Obama. He struggled to climb up on to the chair but it wasn't too difficult.

"Hello. I've never met a president before!" Babu said.

"Ah ha, well you have now" smiled the president. The two sat in awkward silence for a few seconds. Godzilla Man was looking in through the window though nobody managed to notice him.

"So... You're an alien?" Obama said. "I like that. I like aliens."

"You do?" Babu said, unsure if Obama was being honest or not. "From what I understand of your planets culture and history, this is the second time aliens have made contact. The first time was an alien attack by New Years Bombers. I don't see why you would like them."

"Well, I can't be biased against every alien I meet because of one attack, can I?" he said, reassuring Babu that he liked him.

"Yes, but from the films and television I have seen of this world, you don't seem to like aliens. I saw one with a human male and human female chasing down paranormal entities, uncovering alien conspiracies and playing shooter games set in a time period I believe you call the Wild West. It didn't paint a very good image of us."

"You have watched the films and TV shows that our race has produced?" Obama asked, curious as to how Babu could know this.

"My species is very different to yours" Babu said. "We have discs similar to your DVDs and MP3s." Obama wanted to correct Babu on the mistake he had just made, but Babu continued to speak. "We simply stare at them and absorb every second of footage into our minds. I was able to do the same with your Earth DVDs your species has made."

"Oh, well that's very interesting. Did you, uh, actually like any of them?"

"The one about the Asogian with the glowing hand was nice."

"Well that is good to know. There's one thing I wanted to ask, Babu." Obama give a stern look at Babu. "You promised you would take ten of us... humans... into space with you to your home planet. Things are very boring here on Earth and I have to give up my presidency soon. Michelle isn't being cooperative at night and I have nothing left here. But you..." He lent over his desk and stroked the aliens face with two of his fingers. "You could give me so much more..." He got in close to the alien. "So much more" he whispered. Michelle suddenly barged through the door and Babu jumped backwards.

"Just what is this?" she shouted!

"Michelle, honey, it's not what you think" Obama said, trying to look innocent.

"What is this I've been hearing that you plan to be a YouTuber after the 20th?" she screamed in anger. "Do you not know how stupid that is?"

Obama was baffled. "That was a joke I made one time! I never actually meant for anyone to take this!"

"First Bear Grylls and now this! You're sick!" She angrily marched out of the room and closed the door behind her.

"She's been like that recently", he told Babu. "She's just upset that my presidency is coming to an end."

"Oh, okay." Babu got down from his chair.

"Where are you going?" Obama asked, desperate to be chosen as one of Babu's ten disciples.

"I must go, my people need me. I shall return to my planet and tell everyone of the wonderful things I saw here on my short visit!" He waddled out of the room and into the corridor. Ten random people in their mid-twenties were suddenly beamed next to him. Dazed and confused, they looked around and gathered their surroundings.

"Woah! This is the White House!" one of them shouted. Before they could say anything else, a white beam of light shined down upon them and their clothes suddenly vanished. Five seconds later, futuristic clothes appeared on their bodies to prepare them for space travel. Babu turned and looked up to them.

"You fine specimens have been chosen!" he shouted. "You shall come with me to my home planet and meet my race. You will be given the privilege of being the first humans to travel to another populated planet! You shall now follow me to my spaceship." He led the humans through the corridors and out of the White House.

Scene 4

Just outside the building, the yellow meteor he had arrived in was floating above the grass. It morphed into a dull, metallic spaceship and made a loud, painful sound as the engines slowly activated. Babu pointed his stubby right arm towards the spaceship and ushered the ten people inside. Just as he was about to enter the rocket, Godzilla Man jumped out from behind the White House. Shocked, Babu turned around looked up at him.

Godzilla Man looked at him with anger in his eyes. "And just where you think you're going, alien scum?"

"Well, I... Uh..." Instead of giving a response, Babu let out a sinister laugh as a neck grew in between his head and his body. His neck grew to an unnatural length and his head fell to the floor. His body slumped down on its knees and began to mutate. It grew larger and larger into a gigantic lumpy creature. Everything suddenly became clear. The neck wasn't actually a neck. It was the right arm to some horrible creature that had compressed its body and the head that had been talking this entire time was actually its right hand! It had actually been pretending to be a cute alien this entire time! Slowly, a thin left arm grew out of the creature and its left hand grew to reveal a giant crab claw. The bottom of the creature separated to become the body of a slug with the remainder of the body being a gigantic head. The skin suddenly ripped open to reveal a gigantic gaping mouth and a long eye stalk grew out of the creatures head. On top of the eye stalk was one single eye that loosely rolled around in the socket. Babu had revealed his true form, a horrific monster that matched Godzilla Man in size. Seeing what he truly was, the ten humans inside of his spaceship screamed and ran in multiple directions. However, Babu did not notice them.

"Huh. I should have known" said Godzilla Man to himself as he observed Babu's true form. "You're not Babu, ambassador of Skreeonkulus! That planet doesn't even exist! You're Babu, Eater of Worlds as you are known throughout the universe!"

"Yes!" the evil creature laughed, licking its lips with a long blue reptilian tongue. "I had you all fooled!"

"Well you didn't have me fooled" said Godzilla Man. "If you wanted to pretend you were somebody else, you should have used a different name."

"Oh." Babu looked down at the ground and then back up at Godzilla Man.

"Yup. It's Basic Villainy 101." Godzilla Man continued to stare at him.

"I didn't know that." The two looked around in awkward silence and Godzilla Man scratched his head. Babu licked his bottom lip.

"This is the bit where we usually fight." Godzilla Man got into a battle stance.

"Fight?" asked Babu. "I've already won! My plan was a success!" He temporarily began to lay out the plot of this story. "I came here in my meteorite shuttle and pretended to be a cute, friendly alien. You all accepted me and believed I was here to help. However, I actually planned this all along and decided I would take ten people with me as specimens so that I could use them in later experiments! I didn't come here to make friends with anyone. I came here so that I could eat your pathetic planet! You want to fight? Go fight someone else. I've already won!" Babu turned around and walked up the ramp to his spaceship. Godzilla Man quickly intervened and blasted him with his ice breath. Babu screamed as his body suddenly became solid ice. He could feel his organs slowly ceasing to function. He let out a final death scream as he became a solid ice cube. Godzilla Man held out his hand towards the frozen creature as the blue circle on his hand began to mark. The ice cube began to shake as Godzilla Man used his force powers to crush it. The ice cube suddenly exploded into a thousand pieces as fragments of ice blasted everywhere! All that was left of Babu was his frozen eye stalk. The eye stalk began to melt into nothingness. Babu was no more. The eye on top of the eye stalk randomly rolled off and landed on the ground like a lump of ice cream that had fallen out of a cone. It turned to look up at Godzilla Man as it melted. Godzilla Man was victorious! He had saved the day yet again! He gave a proud smile and flew directly upwards into the air with his arm outstretched. There was no doubt that he was going somewhere else to save more people from ultimate destruction. For now, peace had been restored to the Earth.

The End





  • Not only is this the first fan fiction to have been posted to this wiki, but it is also the first story to feature Godzilla Man. This is strange as it takes place after multiple other adventures with Godzilla Man.
  • Kamacuras makes a cameo at the beginning of this story as a small tribute to the monster. This is ironic as he is quickly and easily killed off.
  • The Obama scene contains multiple references to popular television shows and movies.
    • Babu references The X-Files when telling president Obama about the television shows he watched. He also makes a reference to the episode First Person Shooter, an episode well known in the fandom as being one of the worst episodes ever written.
    • Babu mentions a film featuring an Asogian. This is a reference to E.T who made a cameo in the Star Wars movies. To be included within the canon (which has now been re-branded as Star Wars Legends), his species was named as the Asogians. However, this name is not used in any film that features E.T.
    • Michelle Obama makes a reference to the episode of Bear Grylls that featured president Obama.
  • Babu tells Obama that "I must go, my people need me." This is a reference to an online meme.
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