The Alien Tsunami is a weaponized dinosaur kaiju created by SuperNerd. He is the second opponent of Jefferey, and created Malformus.


  • Weaponized - Alien Tsunami is a large light purple dinosaur with guns on his hands, toes, tongue, tail and chest. His eyes are deep purple and his teeth are bright red. His tail is short compared to his Pre-Weaponized form. The gun in his mouth prevents him from speaking normally.
  • Pre-Weaponized - Alien Tsunami is a large purple Dinosaur with large yellow spikes coming out of his back, tail, legs, and feet. The spikes coming out of his feet make him resemble a stereotypical elf.



The Alien Tsunami, at this point known as Yash the Running Space Bull, was flying his space ship like any normal dinosaur and found the planet Deasoulalia. Like any rational thinker he decided to drop nuclear bombs down on the planet due to his trigger happy nature. This in turn created Malformus. While dropping the bombs like a maniac, he ended up launching his special bomb down which proceeded to blow himself up. This took away most of his body. A day later, the rest of his squad found and rebuilt him, turning him into the ultimate soldier. He had an army made of soldiers from 30 planets, all the smartest or strongest in the universe. This power dream however, lasted only so long.

Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventure

Main Article: Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures - Quadgun!


TAT's name comes from the anime Trigun, as listed in the trivia section, where the main character's outlaw name is Human Typhoon. His alias, Yash the Running Space Bull, is another parody of the main characters name, Vash the Stampede, also listed in the trivia.


Guns Ablaze - All of his weapons come out and fire


  • This kaiju's names and the name of his episode is all a reference to the anime Trigun, where the protagonist (Vash the Stampede) is named "The Humanoid Typhoon" after killing some people.
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