"This spaceship will ascend the heavens and beyond. " -Captain BRK before the ARK's flight.


Because of the pollution on Earth, humanity made the decision to move to another planet, and so in 2040 the spaceship took of in the mission to find a new home, after decades of searching through and countless captains humanity found a planet that could sustain life, but while entering Traxeguara's ozone layer a meteor struck the ship and fell towards the surface at mach 1, after the fall it was not any dead people, but "The Ark" couldn't fly again. 


  • Flight: "The Ark" can fly through space with ease
  • Missile Deposits: In each side of the spaceship theres 3 holes that can launch missiles.
  • Laser Blasters: In one of the dorsal 'fins' theres 2 Laser Blasters and 1 in the chest fin.
  • Maser Cannon: In the middle of the heads theres a giant canon the can shot a beam called "Maser"