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The Arrival of Oh Pi is the first episode of the first series of The New Adventures of Oh Pi, written by Scoobydooman90001. This story's main purpose is to act as a standalone story that sets up the premise of the series, the main characters and the main setting and makes no mention of the story arc.


It's the year 3007 and the Earth has made many advancements. Now exploring the universe and colonizing other planets, the Earth has become a much smaller place and must defend itself against alien threats. When an alien creature lands on Earth, it is up to a small, fluffy alien to save the day. But can he do it?


It is the year 3007 and many scientific advancements have been made on Earth. Religion is a thing of the past. Space travel is now more common and humanity has started colonizing many other planets. The Earth has become much less populated and there is no longer a need for countries. Most of the seas are gone and the Earth has been split up into many different sectors, each home to different environments, be it forests, deserts or cities. This story takes place in the Virtue Sector, home to a giant futuristic city full of massive metallic buildings and spires. It is surrounded by mountains which separate it from a large ocean. Cars drive through the streets and people are up to their daily business, such as speaking to their friends or doing their shopping. People head to work and try their best to ignore the flashy screens that take up space on many of the buildings, airing nothing but adverts that advertise products that are apparently essential to human life. Police officers stroll around making sure that nobody is committing any criminal offences.

In the government-funded Virtue Kaiju Unit headquarters, a man named Barry Barrow was filing reports in alphabetical and numerical order. It was a very time consuming task and he had been hard at work for four hours straight. Reading from a list held in his hands, he found different reports on different people, creatures and events and made sure they were in the right place. He does this once every month and always manages to make his way through it without collapsing from dreariness and exhaustion. He came close a couple of times but he always soldiered on. His fellow colleagues admired him for this but had no idea how he was capable of doing it. Meanwhile, Susan Grant (she prefers to be called Sue) was busy at her computer cataloging the many species of creatures that the VKU had come across. Like Barry, she was ordering them in alphabetical order and was making sure that all of her data logs fell under the standards that she had set for herself. She had these pinned up on the wall so that she could always remind herself to put the most effort she possibly could into her work. She was sweet but timid, and often kept to herself. She wasn’t able to keep any conversation going for any longer than a minute or so, but she still tried anyway. Her friends still treat her equally and always encourage her to be more confident with herself. Just down the hall, Katherine Hill was in her small laboratory, turning around in circles on her swivel chair. Her role in the VKU was to offer medical help and scientific advice. Today was a very slow day for her and she literally had nothing to do. She threw small objects at the wall to pass the time but even that wasn’t very exciting. Katherine was a very friendly person and cared deeply for her friends. She would be quick to defend any of them and kept them all in check. If they had any problems, she usually knew. In his room, David Daykin was busy tinkering with the gadgets he had made. Creating tools and building things was a fun hobby of his and he often came up with ideas for new equipment or improvements to existing items. Like Katherine, he was very kind and loved talking to people. He found it incredibly difficult to do anything with no background noise, so he enjoyed quiet music and the company of others. Frank Marsh was busy in his office talking to other people on the phone. He was the leader of the group and insisted on others calling him ‘Group Leader’. This was due to his very militaristic background and was a habit that he simply could not get out of. He could get a little too serious at times but his heart was always in the right place, doing something only if he had good intentions.

Just a couple of hours later, it was already the afternoon. It was amazing how time flew by so quickly. Of course, Katherine didn’t think the same way but she didn’t really care about it enough to mention it. With the exception of the Group Leader, everyone was sat down at a table in the lunch hall. Many other workers wandered around and sat down at other tables to have their own conversations with each other.
“So…” said Barry, eager to put an end to the awkward silence. “Anyone free to do anything tonight?” He took a bite out of his sandwich. It tasted horrible.
“I’ve been free all day” said Katherine, alluding to the fact that she had done almost no work at all.
“Throwing pencils around the room again? I’m not sure whether I should be sorry for the walls or for your sanity” he jokingly said.
“Hah” she said in a mocking tone. “Very funny.” She gasped as her plate suddenly changed from being yellow to red. “What the…”
“Sorry” said David, looking at his plate that was now yellow. “I’ve been testing around with swapping items between different locations. It’s, umm, a work in progress. I can’t swap around any big things yet.” He continued to mess around with the small device he had made.
“David. We’re on our break. Why are you still focusing on your work?” Barry asked. “Just sit back and enjoy these five minutes will you can.”
“Well actually, we were meant to be back at work just a couple of minutes ago,” interrupted Susan, quietly checking her phone.
Barry looked at the clock. “Oh…” he said in disappointment. “Great…” He got up from the table, put his plate in the sink and headed back to work. David soon followed him, still examining his gadget.
“I don’t understand” said Susan. “Did I do something wrong?”
Katherine turned to face her and smiled. “No, Sue, you didn’t. He’s just annoyed because he has to go back to his reports. They do take a long time to file, you know?” She put her hand on Susan’s back, smiled again, and left. Susan continued to check her phone and tried not to pay any attention to anyone around her.

Katherine was still sat in her chair. However, she had finally found something to do and was sorting it out on her laptop. She didn’t want to finish what she was doing as she knew she’d just get bored again afterwards. She heard a knock on the door.
“Come in” she said. “The door is open.”
David walked in wearing a large black coat. “Hey.”
“Why are you wearing your coat?” she asked, not taking her eyes off of the computer screen.
“Frank says there’s been some activity in the mountains. He wants us all to go so we can investigate. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to wander around in the dark on my own.” Katherine got up and put on her white jacket. “What is it? Another giant monster? I want to know what I’m looking for.”
“I’m not entirely sure” David replied. “The jeep is ready though.” He walked out of the door, followed by Katherine. She turned out the light and left the computer running.

Everyone was huddled up inside the jeep. Frank was driving the jeep and Barry was sat in the passenger seat, giving directions. David, Katherine and Susan were squeezed together in the back. It was very uncomfortable and there was little leg room. Susan stared out of the window as if she were watching something go by. She turned to Katherine, put her hands on her lap and continued to look out of the window. Katherine simply stared out at the rocky road in front of them and David had his head pressed against the window.
“Where are we actually going?” he asked.
“We’re already here” said Frank in an authoritative manner. “We’ve just got to find the exact place that’s marked on the map and then you lot can help me look around for anything.” He kept his eyes focused on the road. It seemed to go on forever.
“Barry” said Frank, gently tapping him on the arm. “How much further is it?”
Barry checked his map and rubbed the back of his neck. “We’re almost there” he said. “Just a little bit down the road now.” The jeep came across a giant crater and stopped. Some smoke was still rising out of it and obscured the view of the mountains in the distance. Frank and Barry climbed out of the jeep and opened the doors to the back of the car. Susan climbed out and helped Katherine get out of the car. Meanwhile, David fell flat on his face because he was still leaning against the window.
“Man…” he said, looking at Barry. He stood up and wiped some of the dirt off of his jacket. “Seriously?”
“Shush” said Frank, quickly hushing everyone else. He pulled a torch out of his pocket and shined it down inside the crater. He looked around but there seemed to be no sign of life.
“Well?” asked Katherine, desperate to get back inside the jeep. Yes, it was cramped in there but it was also warm.
“Whatever crashed down here has left” said Frank, turning around to face his colleagues. “We should all split up and go looking for it. That way, we cover more ground and stand a better chance at finding it. If you find it, just send us your co-ordinates and we’ll come as quick as we can.”
“What?” asked Susan. “You want us to search the mountains by ourselves? It’s almost night time!”
“I’ll go with you” said Katherine, walking over to Susan. The group then split up in four diagonal directions to find whatever had crashed in the mountains.

David wandered around the mountains, being careful not to run into any form of wildlife. He didn’t want to run into any bears and get torn apart! Tired of searching around for something that may not even exist, he found a nearby rock and sat down on it. Looking around, he waited for his communicator to activate so that he and everyone else could go home. However, he suddenly saw a bright flash from behind the mountains. He lifted his head up but assumed his eyes were just playing tricks on him. He saw the bright light again. Opening the map on his communications device, he scanned the two mountains the light had come from and marked them on his map. He considering contacting the others and giving them his newly marked co-ordinates. Instead, he opted to investigate the flash himself, running in the direction it had come from. Around ten minutes, he finally reached the two mountains and had navigated his way around them. He looked around for the bright light again but saw nothing. He was back in the dark. Standing around in the silence, he noticed a faint humming sound. Following where it was coming from, he climbed up a rocky hill. On the other side was a strange green metallic pod oozing with a green liquid. He climbed down the hill and walked over to it so he could examine it.
“Huh” he said, running his fingers across the strange metallic pod. It suddenly flashed white and sent David flying backwards through the air. He landed on the hill, hit his head and fell unconscious.

He woke up an hour later in the exact same spot. Rubbing his head to ease the pain, he got up and looked at the pod. It was now pulsating and would not stop flashing white. He walked over to it to simply take a long and noticed that some cracks had formed on the side of it. He reached outwards to touch it but gas suddenly hissed out of the cracks. The pod peeled open, revealing a strange pulsating green reptilian blob that was secreting a green runny substance. Unsure what to make of this, David kept back and watched it pulsate in front of him. Something inside of the blob began pushing against the top of the blob and forced itself out. It looked like a yellow antenna. Before he could utter a word, a green furry beak pecked its way through the front of the blob. Parts of the blob began to dissipate as the creature within forced its way out. What was left of the blob deflated like a balloon and turned into ash, being picked up by the wind and scattered around the mountains. In its place was a small, green, furry creature that was round in shape. It had a bird-like beak, two large eyes, two large feet and two yellow antennae sticking out of the top of its head. David looked at it in surprise, unable to come up with anything to say. The creature did exactly the same and stared at him directly in the eyes. It levitated above the ground with ease, almost as if it didn’t even notice it had done so. It flew around David in circles, observing every single detail of him. The yellow antennae on its head quickly flashed white. The creature descended onto a rock and stood there. “Pi!” it shouted, still looking at David.
“Uh… Hi” he said, giving the creature a quick wave.
“Oh” it said, mimicking what David had said. “Oh Pi!”
“Oh Pi?” he asked. “That’s your name?”
“Oh Pi!” it shouted, jumping up and down in excitement. David couldn’t tell if the creature was confirming his question or if it was just generally happy.
“Oh Pi, it is then, I guess” he said, scanning Oh Pi with his gadget. He read the readings and saw that it listed Oh Pi as millions of years old. “That’s impossible!” he said. “You’ve existed since the beginning of the universe?”
“Pi” said Oh Pi, nodding his head in agreement.
“But that… That would make you immortal!” he said, amazed at the idea that such a thing was possible.
“Pi?” said Oh Pi, tilting his head to the right. He wasn’t sure what David meant. Both Oh Pi and David were suddenly startled by gunfire! They ducked down and hid behind a rock. The gun then ceased firing.
“David!” shouted Frank. “We’ll get you out of there!”
“What?” whispered David to himself. He grabbed Oh Pi and held him behind his back. He stood up to face his peers. “Guys!” he shouted, eager for them to listen. “It’s fine! He’s completely harmless!”
“You can’t possibly know that” said Frank, aiming his gun at the innocent creature. He didn’t trust it at all.
“He’s friendly!” shouted David. “Look!” he pulled Oh Pi out from behind his back and showed him to everyone. Barry, Katherine and Susan put down their pistols. Frank hesitated to put down his pistol, but joined the others in doing so. Out of nowhere, he suddenly raised his pistol back up and fired at Oh Pi! However, Oh Pi released a small bolt of lightning from his antennae, effectively tazing Frank and causing him to fall down the hill he had been standing upon. He slowly got back up onto his legs, mostly unharmed by the shock. Oh Pi stared at him with an angry glare.
“Friendly?” Frank asked.
David looked up from Oh Pi. “Well… Mostly…”

The next day, David, Susan and Katherine were watching Oh Pi in her lab. He was sat on the floor with a bowl of dog food to his left. On his right was a bowl of water and a teddy bear.
“You’ve got to admit” said David, turning to Katherine and Susan. “He’s fascinating. I mean, he shouldn’t exist. He’s millions of years old, and yet here he is. It’s amazing.”
“I’ve got to say” said Katherine. “It is pretty strange.”
“That’s not even the weirdest part” said David. “This is his infant stage? Whatever this little guy is, he’s a baby.”
“That’s the strangest baby I’ve ever seen” exclaimed Susan, filling in her new data entry. This was going to be one of her best yet.
“Pi?” asked Oh Pi, turning to face the teddy bear. For some strange reason, he seemed to think it was alive. “Oh… Pi?” it asked again. The teddy bear suddenly fell over and into the bowl of the water. Assuming it was trying to steal his water, Oh Pi coughed a small ball of flame out of his mouth and completely burned the teddy bear. He then hopped over to it, grabbed the remains with his mouth and shook it around like a dog would do with a chew toy. The teddy bear was now completely destroyed. It had learnt its lesson. He then began eating the dog food that was available to him.
“Here’s the million-dollar question though” said David. “What do we do with him? He’s friendly and all but he isn’t harmless. He electrocuted the Group Leader last night and you just saw what he did to that teddy bear.”
“Yeah, you’re right” said Katherine. “It doesn’t help that he is the only member of his species either. He could end up in a zoo or something.”
“We’ll have to keep him here in secret. At least until we can figure something out” said David. Oh Pi turned to look at him. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the top right hand corner of the room when the alarm blasted into life.
“Oh, hooray” said David, quickly rushing out of the room. Katherine and Susan quickly followed him, locking the door behind them.

Outside in the city, a gigantic pod sat in the middle of the streets. It was a dull grey colour and was shaped like an oval. It suddenly split in half and opened up, revealing a gigantic monster curled up into a ball! It slowly stood up to reveal its true appearance. It had a large, oval shaped head with one red eye on each side. It had a very slim body with multiple sharp structures growing out of it. The creature had three fingers on each hand and three orange circle markings on both of its arms. Strangely, it didn’t have a mouth. It looked around and observed its surroundings, almost as if it was unaware of where it had landed. It walked down the street and stumbled over its small legs, accidentally hitting a building and partially destroying it. Pushing itself back up, the creature continued to look around, unaware that it was smashing up multiple cars. The roofs of three buildings suddenly opened up and large laser cannons rose out of them. They all fluently turned to focus on the giant creature. The creature turned to look at one of them. It seemed to be fascinating by the glowing lights on them. They all suddenly fired green lasers at the green, sending it toppling backwards into the ground. It stood back up and looked at the lasers. They charged up and fired at the creature again, pushing it backwards and into another building. The creature pushed itself back up and made a loud humming sound. It crouched down and suddenly leapt across the street to the laser cannons. Aggravated, it took a vicious swipe at the cannon directly in front of it and destroyed the other two with lasers it fired from its eyes. Some jets flew over by but were quickly taken down by the creature. It let out a loud roar and destroyed the buildings in front of it. Multiple soldiers on the ground and on top of buildings began firing at the monster, but it burnt them all to death with its eye lasers. It then began kicking things on the ground with its feet in a burst of rage. It let out another roar and kicked a building, completely destroying it.

“What do we do?” asked David, watching the events play out on a small screen. “It resisted the lasers and completely destroyed them!”
“We could use the back-up weapons” said Barry, frantically pressing different buttons on the control panel. “They’ve not been prepared though.”
“How long would it take?” asked David.
“Around 20 minutes at most” sighed Barry, watching the creature smashing up the giant screens that broadcast advertisements. “What’s it even called?”
“It calls itself Skarazanni or something” said David. Barry looked up to him in confusion. “That’s what that weird humming sound it made translate to” said David. “It’s more intelligent than it seems to be.”
“Don’t judge a book by its cover” said Barry. He didn’t get any response. “David?” he asked. “Are you alright?”
“Perhaps we shouldn’t have judged that other book by its cover” said David.
“What? What do you mean?” replied Barry.
“Take a look.” David pointed to the screen. Barry turned around and saw that Oh Pi was hovering in the air. “Seems he has a bone to pick.”
“He’s gonna take that thing on by himself?” asked Barry, astonished at Oh Pi’s bravery. Oh Pi suddenly flashed completely white and froze in place. He started growing in size until he eventually matched Skarazanni’s size.
“Unbelievable” said David, completely focused on the screen.

The streets were deserted and a lot of the area had been destroyed. Skarazanni had stopped smashing up buildings to look at Oh Pi. It looked down at Oh Pi, who returned the favour by staring up at it. They both waited for the other to make the first move. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the wind brushing through Oh Pi’s green fur. Suddenly, Skarazanni fired two red lasers out of his eyes! Oh Pi staggered back a little, annoyed that his fur had been singed. The creature fired another laser that just passed over the top of his head, slightly scorching it.
“Pi!” Oh Pi slightly lifted off of the ground and charged towards Skarazanni. However, Skarazanni quickly leaped off of the ground and right over Oh Pi’s head. As he passed, he grabbed Oh Pi’s yellow antennae, dragging him down to the ground. He pulled Oh Pi across the ground, tearing it up. However, electricity suddenly conducted through his antennae, shocking Skarazanni and forcing him to let go. Oh Pi stood back up. He wasn’t ready to lose. Skarazanni attempted to fire another laser at him but Oh Pi hopped out of its way. He suddenly fired two lasers out of his own eyes, one of them slicing through Skarazanni’s right arm. Skarazanni fired another laser but Oh Pi quickly hopped to his left. He fired another two eye lasers, slicing through Skarazanni’s left arm. The other laser hit Skarazanni’s torso but did not slice through. In pain, the creature suddenly fell down to its knees. Two yellow beams suddenly fired from Oh Pi’s antennae, hitting the amputated arms. Instead of destroying them, the beams slowly rose upwards, taking the arms with it. The beams dissipated and Oh Pi focused on the two arms, holding them in place with his mind. Skarazanni fired another laser at Oh Pi, scorching his cheek. Suddenly, Oh Pi used his mind to smash the two arms into the creature’s open shoulder wounds, causing it even more pain. Oh Pi then focused on the building directly behind Skarazanni. He fired a ghostly beam at it. The building suddenly started moving as if it were alive! It began to lean forwards and then came crashing down on Skarazanni’s head, brutally killing him. Oh Pi stared at the dead corpse and let out a triumphant roar. He shrunk down to his normal size.

“Wow” said David, shocked at what he had just witnessed. Never before had he seen such a brutal murder take place in front of him. The screen focused on Skarazanni’s dead corpse and scanned it, confirming that it was dead. Hours later, the body had been removed and reconstruction had already begun. Due to the use of robotic drones, the reconstruction would only take one or two hours. They used strange beams to identify where things were missing, recreating them like a 3D printer. That meant restoring the giant advertisement screens as well. In the VKU headquarters, everyone was celebrating Oh Pi’s victory against Skarazanni. Though they were clearly happy, they were a little wary about Oh Pi, hoping that he would not continue to use any of the powers that he had showed off during his brief fight. For now though, they were fine. Oh Pi was fast asleep on a blanket in the corner of the room, sleeping like a house pet. Clearly he had made himself at home. His left antennae dropped down and landed in his water bowl, startling him and causing him to wake up. Looking around for any dangerous threats, he was instead greeted by a room full of people happily chatting. Not entirely sure who they were, he just sat down and watched them.

“So he’s here to say?” asked Katherine, sipping from her glass.
David looked at Oh Pi and smiled. “I guess so,” he said.
“It’s pretty much guaranteed that this is where he’ll be staying” said Katherine. “I don’t think any zoo is gonna want him after all those different powers he showed off. He’s not exactly an animal anyway.”
“Well I don’t like the idea of him staying here” said Frank, still not over the whole electrocution incident.
“You’ll get over it” said Susan, walking over to them. She poured a glass of wine and took a sip from it. She liked the idea of having him stick around, even if she was a little scared of what he could possibly do if provoked. She watched Frank leave the room and turned to David and Katherine. “You know” she said. “I don’t think he’s very happy.”
“Would you be happy if you were electrocuted?” asked Barry, putting his hand on her shoulder. He leaned against the wall and shrugged. “Where do we go from here?” he asked.
“What do you mean?” asked David.
“We would have been in a lot of trouble today if Oh Pi didn’t help us. Sure, it’s nice to know that he’s gonna be sticking around, but can we actually trust him? He’s only a baby, according to Susan. Anything could go wrong.”
David took another sip from his glass. “We’ll raise him like a child then.”
The small group fell into awkward silence, unsure of how to process the idea of raising Oh Pi like a parent would raise a child. David attempted to leave but found that Oh Pi was asleep on the floor by his leg. He crouched down and brushed his hand through Oh Pi’s fur. “It’s funny,” he said. “He may be an alien, but he’s just like a dog.” He slid his foot out from underneath Oh Pi and picked him up.
“Be careful, David” said Barry. “You don’t want to go thinking he’s your actual son” he said in a joking manner. David left the room with Oh Pi in his arms to take him to a place where he could actually sleep.
“It may just be me, but I think things are about to change around here” said Susan, almost as if she was a psychic that could look into the future.
“What, like a premonition?” asked Katherine.
“I don’t know” replied Susan, taking another sip from her glass. “For better or for worse though, right?” She clinked her glass with Katherine’s and they both took another sip, ready for what the future would possibly bring.







  • This is the first of two stories from the first series that does not feature Nurth.
  • This story is an adaptation of the unfinished first episode from the original cancelled series featuring Oh Pi. Though it was never finished, it can be read on this page.

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