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The Attack of the Very Creative Rabbit Monster is the fourth episode of the first series of The New Adventures of Oh Pi. It was written by Scoobydooman90001.


The Virtue Sector is at risk of being fully consumed when a weird mutating blob begins to eat everything it finds. Can Oh Pi and Nurth rise up and defeat the very creative rabbit monster?


“Come over here, George!” shouted a young girl, running around her garden. She was very young, was wearing a light blue dress and had long brown hair. She looked as if she were prepared for a photo shoot. Her garden was rather small and mostly consisted of a bench, a shed and a swing set. She continued to run through the garden as her pet rabbit, George, followed her around. Her mother looked out of the kitchen window and watched the two of them playing together. Her husband was out in the big city at work and she was at home helping around the house. They were the typical traditional family. The young girl laughed and fell down to the floor to run her hands through George’s fur. She held him in her hands and walked over to the fence that overlooked the rest of the field. She stared out into the distance at the Virtue Sector and wondered what it was like to live in the big city. She stared at the tall metallic spires and admired their strange retro design. For some reason she could not explain, they fit in well with the reserved buildings of the early 21“ century. George wriggled out of her hands and jumped back into the garden so that it could return to its hut inside of the shed.
“Lucy!" shouted the girl's mother. “Come inside! You’ve got to get ready!”
“Okay!" she shouted, rushing back into the small cottage.
Just underneath the cottage was sewage pipes that linked directly to the sewers of the city. They ran for miles and miles before eventually leading to a large pit where all waste was dumped, far away from human civilization. One of these pipes led directly to the bathroom on the top floor of the cottage. Water suddenly rose out of the toilet, sink and bath before resting in place, strangely not returning back down the pipes. The water suddenly bubbled and a dark cloud emerged from the pipes, polluting the water and turning it completely black. The water then retracted down the pipes, leaving behind an inactive black puddle of slime. The puddles inside of the toilet and sink slowly climbed into the bath and joined up with the black puddle resting inside of it, creating an even larger, denser puddle. It writhed around and let out an echoing human-like moan, bubbling as it did so. Like a coiled spring, it suddenly leaped upwards into the air and landed on the window sill, looking out into the distance. It checked out the large buildings and then began to observe the garden. It slowly crept under the crack in the window sill and escaped the bathroom. At this point, George came out of his hut and began to hop around the grass, minding his own business. The black ooze lazily dropped off the world and landed on the ground, splatting into multiple different puddles. Instead of joining together, they all crept towards George and quickly jumped at him! They covered his body and pinned him down, absorbing him into them.
“George!” shouted Lucy, rushing out of the kitchen to rescue her pet. The black ooze, which had now grown in size, turned around to seemingly look at her. Terrified of the unknown creature, she slowly began to creep back towards the door but it was too late. Her leg had already been pinned down to the ground by a small lump of ooze that had detached from the large blob.
“Help!” she shouted, watching as the ooze got closer and closer. "Somebody! Please help! Mum! Help!” Her screams for help were suddenly silenced as the ooze climbed up her body and into her mouth, consuming her. The ooze was now half the size of the cottage and was slowly beginning to change colour. It stayed motionless as a creamy fleshy body around it. It let out a small squeaking sound as two eyes grew out of both sides of its body. Next to its left eye was a large blue mouth lined with sharp teeth. On its back was two large distorted bunny ears, one of which were lopped over. Underneath the ears was a strange formation resembling the face of a rabbit. Randomly, a long arm- like appendage extended out of its body before retracting back into the fleshy blob-like creature. Now it had a proper form, the creature left the garden and disappeared into the trees. All that was left was an empty home, an empty garden and the dead corpse of the mother in the kitchen, who was frozen in a standing position above the sink, having been affected by the black ooze when it first arrived. Multiple black patches of ooze hung from her arms and face.

Back at the VKU headquarters, Katherine was examining a dark, singed area of Oh Pi's fur. He had accidentally got himself caught inside of the microwave when attempting to remove food that Barry had put inside of it.
“In future, don’t go into microwaves, okay?” she asked, patting him on the head and stroking him. "There’s nothing that can be done about your fur.”
In response to this, Oh Pi slightly expanded in size and became a gigantic ball of far. All that remained of him were his two antennae. He then shrunk back down in size and the singed area of his fur was back to normal.
“Oh” she said. “Okay, maybe there was.” She watched as Oh Pi flew away out of the door and tended to her computer. She browsed through some of the medical documents that she hadn’t finished when a small text box appeared on the bottom right of her screen, notifying her that she had a new e-mail. She opened it up and was treated to an image of a crime scene inside of a cottage. It seemed like there was nothing wrong with it until she noticed the woman stood over the sink, dripping with black ooze. After reading the message, she took down some notes, put her coat on and left the room.

Around twenty minutes later, she had pulled up to the crime scene and was being directed into the cottage by a police officer.
"Hi, thanks for coming” said a man as he approached Katherine. He had a long coat on and had short brown hair. “I'm the one looking into this case. My name is Ted Bradford. It’s nice to meet you.” He shook Katherine’s hand and before she could mutter a single word, he headed off towards the main focus of the crime scene. Katherine followed him and entered the room that she had seen in the photograph.

“This is why I'm here?" she asked, observing the body.
“Yes” he answered. "I’ve not seen anything like this before. I’ve called you in because I want the opinion of a medical expert, and you seem to handle some strange things” he explained.
"Right” she said. “Well where do you want me to begin?”
“I’m not entirely sure” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “Just see if you can look for anything strange please.” He disappeared into the crowd of police officers to continue his investigation. She pulled out a device that resembled a magnifying glass and checked over the body. She noticed that the areas that had been touched by the black ooze were somewhat burnt and irritated. Checking the eyes, she discovered that some of the black ooze had managed to creep inside of her body and had likely killed her from the inside. She pulled out a small vial and scooped a sample of the black ooze into it so that she could have it tested back at the VKU headquarters.

Later that day, she and Susan were in the lab testing on the black ooze.
"What do you think it is?” asked Susan, watching the black ooze vibrate inside the multiple test tubes.
"I’ve no idea” said Katherine, lighting a match. “It’s certainly not terrestrial. It seems to be able to resist all of my attempts to damage it. I want to find out the properties of it." She used her match to light a Bunsen Burner and held it near the ooze. It let out a small squeaking sound and backed up against the glass. She pushed the burner closer and allowed the flame to touch the ooze, expecting it to ignite. Instead, it suddenly wrapped around the burner and completely consumed it, dragging it into its expanding blobby mass. It took on a bronze appearance and multiple small tubes extended out of it, flames coming out of the end of each one.
“It copied the Bunsen Burner” said Susan, looking at it in amazement.
“It would seem so." Katherine scratched her head in confusion. "I’ve got no idea where this thing came from" she said. “It can't come from Earth, but there’s no way it could have got here. Every other extra-terrestrial organism we’ve seen in the past has arrived hitching a ride on the back of a meteor or a rocket.”
"Maybe it’s been here for quite a while" suggested Susan.
“That’s possible" said Katherine. "But then why has it only just now become active?” she asked. She observed the bronze ooze spit out more flames and wrote down some notes about it.
“You’re the scientist” said Susan, grinning. “You tell me.”
“I wish I could” replied Katherine, taking a seat and resting her head on her right hand.

Meanwhile, a pack of foxes was making their way through the bushes towards a farm. They were specifically heading towards the chicken hutches and rabbit hutches. They slowly crept into the back garden and made sure no other person or animal could see them. They made their way towards the hutches and prepared to make their attack. They slowly came to a halt and were ready to pounce. The leader of the pack advanced towards a hutch and quickly pounced through the door! The poor animal inside let out a cry of fear and tried to escape, but the fox tore its body open, splattering blood all over the insides of the hutch. The other foxes raided the other hutches and brutally murdered the poor rabbits and chickens, feasting on their dead corpses. Having eaten the animals, they left the hutches and came face to face with an enormous cream-coloured blob. It was the same blob that had consumed the young girl and her pet earlier in the day. Understanding that they could not possibly fight a creature so big in size, the foxes began to back away. However, they were not quick enough and multiple tentacles stretched out from the monster’s flesh, wrapping around them and pulling them into her mouth. The creature grew in size a little bit more and let out another man-like moan. ”What’s happening out here?" asked the farmer, leaving his house and loading up a shotgun. He soon saw the giant behemoth in front of him and backed up against the wall. He fired his shotgun in a mad attempt to kill it but it simply consumed the bullets.
“Bunny... Sad..." It moaned, in a voice that sounded like a mix between an adult man’s voice and a little girl’s voice. It quickly lashed out at the farmer and pushed him up against a wall, crushing the bones in his body and killing him. Bunny then dragged the farmer into her mouth and ate him, growing in size yet again. She looked at the house he had emerged from and two tongues came out of her mouth and licked her lips. Her body began to contort and stretch as it wrapped around the house, crushing it down and consuming it. Bunny had now become the size of a two-storey house. She continued making her way towards the city.

The next morning, Katherine was still in her lab. She had fallen asleep and the bronze ooze was still spitting out flames. In fact, it hadn't stopped once.
“How are you doing?” asked Susan, walking through the door. She was holding a tray with a cup of tea and a sandwich on. She noticed Katherine was asleep and decided to silently place the tray down on the table next to her. She didn’t want to interrupt her sleeping. She was about to leave the room and go over to a giant room that had been renovated as a giant indoors jungle habitat for Nurth to live in. However, she instead looked down at Katherine and placed her hand on her long, black hair. She gently brushed her fingers through Katherine’s hair and smiled to herself.
“Susan!” shouted Barry from down the corridor. Susan jumped back and quickly headed out of the room to find out what Barry had called her for. Katherine continued to sleep peacefully.
Susan entered Barry’s office. “Hey’ she said.
“Ah, Susan, hi. Welcome to my humble abode.”
“Barry... What do you want?" she asked.
“I want you to look at this” he said, grabbing a few photographs and handing them to Susan. "I’ve got no idea what the hell that thing in the photo is" he said. "You’re an animal expert. I figured you may be able to identify it."

She looked at the photos. All of them were taken at night and focused on a large blob-like creature. “I’m not sure” she said, handing the photos back to Barry. “It doesn’t resemble anything I’ve seen before. Sorry.”
“No need to apologise” he said. “Got my hopes up. That’s all. I was hoping it was just some animal that could be contained. I’m starting to think it’s quite the opposite.” He sorted the photos into order and put them back into a file.
“You mean you think it's another giant monster?" she asked.
“Well, uh, yes” he responded. “What else can it be. It’s a giant blob thing.”
“If it is a giant monster, Oh Pi will sort it out” said Susan.
“I hope so” said Barry. “We have no idea what it is capable of. The monster, I mean. That is if it even is a monster.” He looked down at the photos and back up at Susan, exchanging a brief glance with her.

Oh Pi was minding his own business flying around the countryside. It was a sunny day and he was enjoying it as much as he possibly could. He dashed in and out of the trees and soared over the top of the hills. He passed over a farm full of animals and slowed down time so that he could get a better look at them before speeding away. He came up to a halt just outside of a forest. He levitated in place and observed a dark blob-like figure moving towards him. It emerged from the trees and crawled into the light, making its signature moaning sound. Its eye rolled out of its socket before the skin around it reached back towards the body and pulled itself back in. Oh Pi stared at the creature with a blank, mindless facial expression. The creature licked its lips, making a weird lip-smacking sound in the process. It groaned and its body slowly began to lean over, tearing in half before pulling itself back together. Deciding it wasn't a threat that needed to be dealt with, Oh Pi lifted higher into the air and continued flying above the trees. The creature made the sound of a little girl crying and randomly expanded in size before deflating. It started moving towards the farm, looking at all of the different animals. It decided that the cows would be its next victim and licked its lips again. Random strips of flesh from Bunny's body suddenly peeled away. They reached up into the sky and came crashing down on the poor cows, wrapping around them and quickly dragging them into Bunny’s mouth. The other animals on the farm understood that they didn’t stand a chance against this thing and all began running away in different directions, confusing Bunny. However, she soon came back to her senses when the farmers inside the barn emerged with shotguns and pitchforks. They managed to get a few shots into her but she repeated the same skin trick as before and grabbed the farmers, dragging them into her mouth and consuming them all. The colour of Bunny’s skin suddenly completely inverted in colour and switched back to normal, indicating that she was currently full up. She continued to make her way towards the city. It was within her view now and at the rate she was going at, was only two hours away. She released multiple different moaning sounds as one combined sound and began to move faster.

Susan was feeding Nurth in his giant enclosure.
“Susan” said Katherine, walking through the door. “I’ve seen the photos that Barry has been given and I’m pretty sure whatever he saw in the photograph was the same thing that killed that poor woman in her house.”
“How’d you figure that out?” asked Susan, sitting down on a chair.
"Well I looked at both of the images...” said Katherine, seemingly about go into an in-depth explanation. "And I realised they both showed up at the same time.” She then remained silent. "It’s kind of obvious, actually” she quickly added in. Frank then came in through the door.
"Ah, there you are" he said, walking over to Katherine. “You say that you’ve identified the thing in that photograph?” he asked, pointing to the photos.
“It’s not confirmed but it is very likely that they’re the same creature” she said.
“We should probably get some people out looking for it” suggested Frank, getting ready to leave the room.
“We could have Oh Pi search for it” said Susan, butting in. “He’s faster than our drones and would either deal with it or come tell us” she said.
“I’ve no idea where he is” said Frank. “He’s been outside enjoying himself for most of the day. It doesn’t matter though. Our drones should be just as effective.” He left the room so that he could issue the orders and have the drones be released from the VKU headquarters.

He walked down the corridor and entered Barry’s office. “Barry” he said. "Can you send out all of the drones? We’re looking for that weird blob thing.”
“Why don't you do it, sir?” asked Barry, taking a bite from his sandwich.
“Because there’s other things I need to do and it would be a lot quicker if you did it” he responded.
“I’ve got things to do as well” said Barry, pointing to his large collection of reports that were lying on top of his table.
“Reports?” asked Frank. “Where... Where do you even get these from?” They both looked blankly at the giant pile.
“It’s kind of vague. It's just that there’s so many of them to file" said Barry.
“You can file them later. This weird blob thing is much more important."
“Alright, sir” sighed Barry, turning around to face his computer. Frank left the room so that he could continue with whatever it was he had planned. In his office, Barry was operating the drones and programming in specific paths for them. He monitored the cameras to make sure that there was no interference. He had programmed ten drones to monitor different sections of the Virtue Sector and the many different environments surrounding it. He observed one drone fly over a large pool of water surrounded by fishermen and people just generally having a happy time.
“I wish I could just be like that” he said to himself, resting his head on his hand. He clicked the mouse and swapped to the view of the drone that was making its way through the mountains. He watched as another drone made its way through the countryside. However, a strange cream-coloured tentacle suddenly came into view and reached directly towards the drone, completely smashing it!
“I’ve found it!” shouted Barry, looking at the static screen. He ran to the Kaiju Control and sounded the alarm. “Kaiju attack!" he shouted into the main speakers. "All relevant officers to their positions!" He dashed into the room and sat down in a swivel chair. Bunny had finally arrived in the city. From the Kaiju Control room, Frank had activated the newly built city barriers. They rose out of the ground and shielded most of the city, keeping Bunny on the other side with the rest of the city. However, this was no problem for Bunny. She pressed herself up against the wall and began to climb up it, slowly dragging her fleshy body up the side of it. She let out a loud dog bark and then triumphantly moaned, having successfully gotten into the city. She lazily dropped off of the wall and crashed down to the floor, hitting a couple of buildings on the way down. Multiple cannons rose out of the tops of nearby buildings and all rotated to face Bunny, then proceeding to fire lasers into her sides. She looked up at the lasers and ignored them. However, one stray laser suddenly struck her in the eye, causing it to explode! Almost immediately, a human eye formed in its place. Bunny growled like an angry cat and quickly expanded in size, taking out the buildings around her. Multiple jets flew overhead and dropped bombs into Bunny’s skin, accidentally allowing her to grow in size. The explosions from the bombs could be heard, implying that they exploded inside of her, but they didn’t seem to do any damage to her. Bunny continued to move through the city, amazed at the many buildings to consume. Her reign of terror would have to wait though. Nurth had emerged from behind a building. He ran towards Bunny and quickly grabbed her, lifting her up above the ground. She attempted to consume his arm but he quickly sprayed acid on her body, actually managing to melt some of her skin. She let out the cry of a young baby and bit down on his arm, tearing into his flesh. Nurth cried out in pain and turned around 180 degrees, throwing Bunny across the street and into the side of a building. She laughed and stretched her entire body around the building, consuming it and growing in size. She was now twice Nurth’s size and towered over him. Her tongue lashed out of her mouth and grabbed Nurth, pulling him into her mouth and consuming him whole. She let out a victorious mooing sound and began to destroy other buildings. Nurth wasn’t finished yet though. Bunny suddenly screamed in pain as part of her skin burst open, having been melted by Nurth’s acid. He climbed out of the wound and began to spray more acid all over her, slowly melting her body. In an attempt to push him away, she expanded in size and sent him flying across the city, colliding head first with a tower and rendering him unconscious.

"Now what are we going to do!” shouted Barry, looking at Frank for orders.
"Keep attacking it, I suppose” replied Frank. He had no idea what to do. Nurth had been taken down and it seemed like none of their weapons worked.
"Wait a second” said Barry, looking at his computer screen. He inputted a few keyboard commands and the main screen in the room focused on a green circle in the distance behind Bunny. It was Oh Pi! He flew above the city barrier and directly into Bunny, smashing into one side of her body and coming out of the other side. He quickly came to a halt mid-flight and turned around to face her. She made a strange squeaking sound and then looked up towards her small opponent. Strips of her flesh peeled away and rose into the sky, lashing down towards Oh Pi and hitting him, ripping off some patches of fur and skin and sending them falling to the streets below. Oh Pi instantly regrew his fur back and landed down in front of Bunny’s face. Her eyes darted down to look at him. She consumed two buildings next to her and grew in size again, laughing at how big she was compared to Oh Pi. He then changed in size to become three times as tall as she was. She looked up at him and realized just how much trouble she was in. Oh Pi let out a really deep “Pi!” and morphed his beak into a bendy tube. He impaled it into Bunny’s body and like a child drinking from a straw, completely sucked her up and devoured her. Bunny was no more. She had been defeated and her reign of terror was put to an end. Oh Pi shrunk down to his normal size and let out a huge burping sound.

Just two days later, the damages caused by Bunny had been repaired and everything was back to normal. Unfortunately, Oh Pi was suffering from bad indigestion. That was the consequences of eating a giant mutated blob created from absorbing other living things. He sat down with his two feet in the air and rested in the sink. Nobody was sure why he was sitting there of all places.
“Thank goodness that rabbit thing is gone” said David, having finally finished repairing the destroyed laser cannons. “She did a great number on our weapons.” He sat down and poured himself a drink.
"We never really got a name for it though, did we?” asked Katherine. Everyone turned to Susan, seeing as how she was the animal expert.
"Uh... I don’t know” she said. “Let’s just call it Bunny.”
"Wow" responded Barry, remembering back to when Kanun was named. “We’re all clearly very creative people, aren’t we...”







  • This episode shows that Oh Pi may not have a clear understanding on what is good and what is evil, seeing as how he decides Bunny isn't a threat after their first encounter.
  • This episode and the preceding episode were previously only available in image format, due to the original files episode. However, thanks must be given to MarioJR, who showed me a program named Capture2Text that has allowed me to restore both episodes to their original format.
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