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The Crusaders are a group of eternal Crusaders that first appeared in the second season of Council of Creators. They were created and written by Scoobydooman90001.


Having become eternal and realising the truth behind their God, this group of Crusaders decided to eradicate their names and made their cause about protecting the universe. The Crusaders are very devoted to their cause and serving justice, willing to fight if necessary. They are still very polite and are open to reconciling with others, as shown when they realised that the Creators hadn't committed any crimes.


All of the Crusaders wear typical Crusader outfits with black crosses on the front of their armour and across the side of their robes. The Crusader Leader has brown hair, blue eyes and a stubble. It is unknown what the other Crusaders look like as they never remove their helmets.


The Crusaders first met the Creators when they learnt that Indominus had used a cookbook recipe to bake a cake, wrongly believing that he had illegally stolen it from elsewhere. Bringing cavemen, British WW1 soldiers, native tribes, pirates, redcoats and super soldiers from different periods of time to assist them in their battle against the Creators, the Crusaders were ready to engage in an all-out war. However, they soon assisted the Creators to help them fight Angerzilla, who had given Indominus the cookbook, after realising that they hadn't done anything wrong and were fighting for the side of good. After Angerzilla died yet again, the Crusader Leader made his goodbyes to the Creators and left with his fellow Crusaders to return to where they had come from so that they could continue defending the universe.

It was later revealed that they had only thought that Indominus had stolen a recipe as they had gotten drunk and were suffering from a really severe hangover. The fact that Angerzilla had possessed the cookbook Indominus was using turned out to just be nothing more than a coincidence.


  • It's unknown if the cavemen, British WW1 soldiers, native tribes, pirates, redcoats and super soldiers are also eternal or if they were simply brought from the past / future to the present day to assist the Crusaders in their battle against the Creators.
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