The cursed painting is a yokai created by Scoobydooman90001.


The cursed painting looks like a traditional painting, though the image often distorts. Its default form is its crying appearance, as seen in the infobox, though it can change its appearance to become distorted versions of other people, though it always retains the same black hair and blue clothes.


The Cursed Painting appeared in the fourth episode of Insolitam where it ended up in a museum after being passed through multiple private collections. It didn't have an official name and had been dubbed The Crying Man by the owner of the museum. It began to secretly communicate to visitors at the museum in an attempt to lure them closer to it. It was looking for the right host to move into and would leave blue swirly painted patterns on the palms of those that weren't suitable, soon dying a few hours later. Upon investigating the museum, the Insolitam team took note of the painting and dismissed it as some 'creepy, old painting made by someone with no friends'. However, it reached out to Louisa and tried to lure her closer. She ignored it and later told the team about it. They put the museum under quarantine, telling the public that a deadly virus had contaminated the paintings. However, the painting found the right host when it lured Sarah, the manager of the museum, towards it. Insolitam entered the building and found that the painting was empty. Sarah knocked over an old vase by accident, catching the attention of the team and they chased her out of the museum and through the back alleys behind the larger buildings, where they soon managed to corner her. Refusing to leave her body, the painting told the Insolitam team that it had found a new home and would peacefully roam the Earth. Knowing that it was lying and that it had malicious intentions, the team were forced to shoot Sarah, killing him and condemning the painting to be trapped inside of her body forever. They sealed it in a body bag and kept it hidden away in their storage facility, where it would never be seen by any human again.


  • Changing Appearance: The Cursed Painting is able to twist and contort the colours of its painting to create a distorted image of any certain individual. The skin colours can also change tone to match certain a ethnicity.
  • Speech: The Cursed Painting is able to telepathically reach out to individual people and speak to them. He does this to lure them closer to him so that they touch him and take his spirit away. He can also change his voice to match the voice of any other person.


  • The image of the painting was made using the Pix2Pix Face Generator which can be found online.
  • The Cursed Painting is the first instance of a yokai on the FMK Wiki.
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