The Forker is a fork creature created by Scoobydooman90001. He may seem evil but he is actually a good guy with friendly intentions.


The Forker is mainly green in appearance. He has a cone shaped head and six long arms. He wears a long green robe and has a dark beard. His single eye is red and located within a black hole on his face. He has a wide mouth. He has a long forked tail coming out of his back.


After multiple battles between Generikko and other stupid kaiju, most of humanity had decided that enough was enough. The Earth had been ruined by the restricting laws of the universe. Knowing he could make things better, the Forker came to Earth and split it in half, creating a fork. He took the intelligent people to the new unaffected half and left the moronic people on the original inferior Earth that was overrun with kaiju. To make sure the problem stayed on the inferior Earth, he left Generikko and Janet there and refused to let them go to the new Earth. The original Earth tried to make themselves better than the new Earth but it was run by incompetent fools. The Forker introduced the new Earth to the Universal Communication Network where it gained an online social media presence. The new Earth was able to remain superior because of this. It also remained superior because the humans there took care of their planet, unlike the people on the original Earth.


  • Forking: The Forker is able to slice places in half so that he can move the intelligent people to one side and leave the other people on the inferior side. He is unable to destroy the inferior half.
  • Eye Beams: The Forker can defend himself from mindless haters with lasers that he can fire from his eye. He can also expand these beams to create a forcefield around him.


  • This character is a parody of wikis that have forked from their original home and to a new website. It's specifically a parody of a certain Godzilla wiki that moved over to CENSORED and ditched its inferior wikia behind. You should go check it out if you know what it is. In the history section of this page, the two Earths represents CENSORED and the original wikia. The universe and its restricting laws represents Wikia / Fandom.
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