The invisible Kaiju is Kaiju that was apparently turned invisible at some point in it's life.


That's a trick question, moving on.


The Invisible Kaiju was apparently not invisible at some point. Nobody knows how be became invisible but he did. Some say it used to be an ability of his, but he stayed invisible for too long. Some say he's not even there, he's just a hallucination, or voices in your head. Whatever the case, The Invisible Kaiju seems to live on Monster Island, and walks around. He attempts to get into conversations, but people can't exactly make eye contact, and it just doesn't work out. T-Rex thinks the Invisible Kaiju is a myth created by the Chinese. Baragon thinks he's Neronga trying to play a trick on everyone. Both of these have been disproven, as T-Rex was talking to the Invisible Kaiju at the Monster Island Bar when Neronga walked in and ordered a drink. The Invisible Kaiju is still out there, just trying to make some friends, and figure out how to become visible again

T-Rex: Final Final Wars: Giant Clusterf*** All Out Attack!

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  • The ability to not be seen
  • Being Invisible makes him good at stealth


  • This is the second most random, but definitely most minor Kaiju I've ever made. and this statement has become false lel.
  • He's there, he's around, you just never see him
  • I'm sure if he tried to, this guy could be really creepy.