The Lesser Known is the third episode of Shin Minilla: Hero of Japan. It was written by Scoobydooman90001.


Earth slowly rotated in space, just as it always did. Its blue, white and green colours made it stand out against the dark, empty void of space. Some stars decorated the empty space behind it, but Earth was the main exhibit on display. Approaching the planet was a dull, grey flying saucer with yellow lights circling around the middle of it. Inside the ship, a gorilla-like creature wearing a space helmet, known as the Ro-Man, operated the controls. Behind it was a gigantic human-sized brain monster with a snarling face, plugged into the saucer itself and maintaining it. The Ro-Man looked at a grid on a small screen embedded in the control panel, observing a red beeping circle coming from the Earth. The Ro-Man turned to face the Brain. "The system has identified our target" it said in a thick German accent. "Distress call has been determined as coming from Earth. It is another Ro-Man spaceship." The Brain's eyes moved in their sockets to face the Ro-Man and it snarled at him, communicating with him telepathically. "Yes" replied the Ro-Man. "Dominant species identified as Hu-Man. These humans stand in our way. They must be analysed." He pulled a lever on his control panel and a giant beam of energy encircled the Earth, scanning it and transmitting data to the spaceship. Using this data, a machine in the back of the room created a feminine robot resembling a human. The Ro-Man turned around and looked at it. "The Maschinenmensch contains all human DNA and knowledge. Testing shall be done on it to evaluate the humans." Spinning around to face the Ro-Man, the Brain hissed and snarled at him. "Shrews shall be deployed to an appropriate breeding ground" declared the Ro-Man, zooming in on his grid and selecting a rural farm somewhere in the countryside in Japan.

Inside of a barn, a young man and a girl lay on the haystack cuddling and kissing each other. "I love you" he said, stroking her cheek before leaning in for another kiss. Suddenly, the doors opened and his father came walking in. "Up you get, sonny boy!" he shouted, tapping him with the back of his shotgun. "You got them animals to be tending to" he said, ushering his son out of the door. "And as for you, missy, you best be getting home before night falls. Don't want you getting into any trouble with your old man, do we?" he asked, helping her down and taking her to his car. Four small white lights suddenly shined behind them, though they did not notice it. As they left the barn, another light shined from inside the haystack, and a rabid shrew suddenly popped its head out. It looked down at the ground and observed four other shrews emerge, all of them clicking their teeth together and looking around like hyperactive children. One of them hopped over to a cow and took a good look at its hide. The cow looked at it and then back to the ground, not taking any notice of the small creature. The shrew then jumped up at the cow, biting into its hide and tearing its flesh open! The other shrews began killing the other animals, jumping around in pools of blood and feasting upon their flesh, tearing it apart and devouring each little piece.

Hearing the pleading cries of the cows, the farmer got out of the car and rushed into the barn, preparing his shotgun. He was joined by the other six farmers on the farm. One of them shined a flashlight around, searching for the cows. He lowered it and the farmers gasped in disgust as they gazed upon the corpse of a cow that had its throat ripped open. They heard a squeaking noise and a shrew crawled out of the cows throat, blood dribbling down its mouth. The farmers didn't hesitate to shoot it, killing the shrew and fulling it with bullets. The rest of the shrews began to emerge, pouncing through the air and savagely attacking the farmers, tearing apart their limbs and eating them. The girl inside of the car watched this tragedy unfold and screamed as loud as her lungs would let her. Unable to drive a car, she climbed out of the door so that she could run as far away as possible. However, she was tackled by a shrew on top of the car and another shrew stood just by the wheel. One scratched her eyes out and tore out her tongue. It was a bloodbath. Her boyfriend ran to the car with a pitchfork and stabbed one of the shrews. However, the other one quickly leaped at him and pushed him over, biting through his clothing and ripping his stomach open. And then there was silence. All that could be heard was birds cawing as they flew overhead. The deafening silence filled the air. Everyone was dead. The shrews in the farm began mating in a mad bid to increase their numbers.

The Ro-Man had observed everything on his screen. Pleased with the results, he turned around to face the Brain. "Shrews in place and breeding. They shall soon increase in numbers and spread their young around Japan. After Japan is destroyed, we shall target other opponents of the Earth. All humans must be destroyed." The Brain snarled again, communicating with the Ro-Man. "Key individuals must be destroyed. The Mollusks shall dispatch of any humans in power. All secretive government testing shall also be ended." The Ro-Man swiped a panel with an image of a shrew on it to a panel with an image of a giant mollusk on it. He pressed some buttons and then headed over to the Maschinenmensch, reading some statistics on a small round screen. "Human body has been documented" said the Ro-Man. "Vulnerable locations of the body now known. Humans are weak in their brains and in their upper-chests. Some humans appear to have two rounded objects protruding from this region. These have been analysed and have been determined that they are possibly shields, protecting the object these humans call their heart. Red circles on them indicate that they function as sensors and can locate other lifeforms nearby. Other humans appear to have a vulnerable component between their legs, though they do not leave it exposed." The Brain hissed, pleased at the information that had been gathered.

In a laboratory somewhere in Tokyo (who could have guessed), two scientists were testing on an unconscious patient. They were injecting multiple vaccine prototypes into him, trying to cure him of the diseases that they had put inside of him. One of them began recording an audio clip. "Cancer Test Four Zero One" stated a scientist. "The subject has been given the new vaccinations. It is yet to be seen what the results are. The body has not physically reacted against the vaccination, and has not emitted any radiation or liquid substances, such as subject designated Man H." Before he could continue with the recording, a giant human sized Mollusk smashed through the glass door, roaring and smashing up everything in the room. It scuttled towards them and attempted to reach over the table and bite at them. One of the scientists quickly grabbed a corrosive acid and threw it at the Mollusk's face, burning it and causing it to screech in pain. The Mollusk's mouth widened and an arrow-shape tongue reached out, piercing the neck of the scientist and giving him multiple diseases, rendering him unconscious and causing him to collapse. It turned to face the other scientist and pushed the table aside, reaching towards him and picking him up in its mouth. The scientist shouted for help as he tried to wrestle free, but the Mollusk began consuming him. It turned to the patient and pierced his neck, absorbing his cancer out of him so that it could inject it into other humans. The patient shriveled to a husk and the Mollusk left the room to continue its hunt. It was joined by two other Mollusks and together they began searching each room, killing every human they could find and trashing everything in the room.

Meanwhile, in the streets just outside the building, people screamed in horror as four winged serpents soared overhead, grabbing people and eating them. Police officers fired at the creatures but they were too fast for them, dodging every bullet and swooping down towards them, tackling them to the ground and eating them. One serpent perched on top of a traffic light, screeching at the people that ran past. Noticing an elderly woman failing to run away, it let out a deafening screech and jumped onto her, eating the back of her neck. One other serpent jumped from car to car as it looked inside of the windows for more victims. The other two serpents flew overhead, staying close together. The one eating the old lady finished its meal and flapped its wings, carrying her body and dropping it on top of a passing truck as it turned around the corner. Shocked and frightened, the driver swerved the truck to the right, crashing into a building. The serpent that had been looked through the car windows pounced onto the truck and peered through the window, crawling onto it and hissing at the poor driver inside. The two flying in the sky dived down into another street and began eating more people, giving each other spare limbs so that they could feed each other. The one on top of the truck had now crawled inside and was beeping the horn with its tail, fascinated by the loud noise it made. The driver attempted to escape but the serpent hissed at him and whipped him with its tail.

"Erratic serpent creatures are behaving erratically" stated the Ro-Man, not understanding how redundant the second use of the word 'erratic' was. "Not enough humans are being destroyed. Mollusks shall be deployed to assist them." The Ro-Man swiped the panel back to an image of a mollusk and input some code into a machine. The people running through the streets came to a scary surprise as Mollusks suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking their paths as winged serpents approached from the other side of the streets. The Mollusks began injecting diseases into people, causing them to fall to the floor and have seizures as diseases polluted their veins. One woman attempted to push past a Mollusk but it grabbed her with its small arms. Its tongue reached out and stabbed him in the top of the head, injecting cancer into her that it had absorbed earlier. The two romantic serpents cornered a man against a wall and reached for his limbs, pulling them out of their sockets and ripping him apart. The other two serpents assisted in the Mollusks in grabbing people and killing them. The Ro-Man watched the horrific attack on his screen and rubbed his hands together. "Excellent!" he exclaimed. "The humans are being eaten faster than a fox devouring a chicken" it said. However, the control panel suddenly began flashing red. The Brain growled at him, alerting him to the warning on the control panel. "New threat detected!" declared the Ro-Man.

"I don't get paid nearly enough for this" moaned Shin Minilla, complaining to his tail. He looked down the street and watched the carnage taking place in front of his eyes. "Jesus" he whispered to himself as a winged serpent decapitated someone and whacked it like a football with its tail. He climbed on top of a car and blasted the serpent with his tail, immediately killing it and causing it to drop dead on top of a car. "Come at me!" he shouted, attracting the attention of the monsters away from the humans. The people quickly ran away as the monsters all advanced towards Shin Minilla. "What have I gotten myself into?" he asked himself. The two romantic serpents pounced towards him and grabbed his right arm and left leg, trying to pull them apart. He quickly retaliated by whacking one of the serpents with his tail, causing it to let go of his leg. It tried grabbing it again but he blasted it in the face with his atomic beam, killing it stone dead. He attempted to blast the other serpent but it kicked his face and choked his neck with its small feet. The other serpent assisted it and foolishly reached into Shin Minilla's throat to bite out his tongue. He blasted it with a green atomic beam and threw its corpse at the other serpent, sending it falling away to the ground. Rubbing his throat to ease the pain, he fired an atomic beam at the last living serpent and killed it. Before he could celebrate, a Mollusk grabbed him from behind and revealed its arrow-shaped tongue.

"Serpent creatures deceased" said the Ro-Man, turning to face the Brain. "Should the shrews be deployed?" he asked. The Brain rolled its eyes upwards into its skull, like a human sarcastically rolling their eyes. It let out a quiet hiss and the Ro-Man turned back to his control panel. He pressed some buttons and the screen displayed the farm, which was now overrun with Killer Shrews. He pressed some buttons, pulled a lever and beamed the Shrews away to the city where they could assist the Mollusks. The Ro-Man turned back around to the Brain. "The creatures may wipe this threat out. However, the Grey Alien tests are to continue." He looked at the Maschinenmensch as tubes in its arms extracted liquid from it. In another room, the liquid in these tubes were being pumped into the chests of Grey Aliens that were strapped to a metallic table. They seemed to be unconscious but their eyes were wide open. "The human DNA shall alter them and we will create an army of super soldiers that will be stronger than the humans. They will prove useful in overthrowing the human powers in other locations around this planet." The Maschinenmensch lowered its head, reacting to the tubes pumping liquid out of her arms.

Back in the city, Shin Minilla had ripped the Mollusk's tongue away but couldn't get out of its arms. Not only that, but groups of shrews were biting at him, attempting to rip his stomach open. He continued to blast them with his atomic beams but they just kept coming. He wanted to use the atomic beams in his dorsal plates but they needed to be charged up and he couldn't do that as he had to keep firing atomic beams from his mouth to keep the shrews away. Other Mollusks attempted to inject diseases into him, but he whipped their tongues away with his tail. One Mollusk began getting closer, blocking the shrews path. Taking the advantage, Shin Minilla quickly fired a group of atomic beams out of his dorsal plates, completely destroying the Mollusk that was holding on to him. As the rest of the Mollusks got closer, he directed all of his atomic energy to his tail, charging it up. Just as they were about to attack him, he unleashed his charged tail beam, propelling himself up into the sky and creating a giant blast radius that took out all of the shrews and the majority of the Mollusks. Shin Minilla fell back to the ground and blasted the remaining three Mollusks in their faces with more atomic beams, killing them instantly. On the ship, the Ro-Man angrily punched the control panel with his fists. "Mollusks and Shrews now deceased. I shall use my own personal weapon. I will destroy him myself" he declared, ignoring the Brain's hisses.

Shin Minilla looked around at the dead Shrews, Mollusk and Serpents. He looked up into the sky to locate their spaceship but couldn't see anything. "There is no escape!" shouted the Ro-Man as he slowly came into view just behind Shin Minilla. He turned around to face the Ro-Man and saw him riding a giant strange-looking bird. "You have taken out my serpents, my mollusks, my shrews!" shouted the Ro-Man. "But you shan't defeat my Giant Claw!" He pointed towards Shin Minilla and the huge bird let out an obnoxiously loud screech. Suddenly, it launched itself towards Shin Minilla and grabbed him by the throat, ramming him through a row of cars and then deliberately shoving him into a wall. Shin Minilla grabbed at the Giant Claw's foot, trying to push it away from his throat. He blasted its leg with an atomic beam, but that just angered it and caused it to begin pushing him further into the wall with even more force. Shin Minilla tried firing his atomic beam again but the Giant Claw pulled him away and rammed him against the wall yet again. Knowing it clearly wouldn't work a third time, Shin Minilla charged up his dorsal plate beams and fired them, completely taking out the building behind him. The Giant Claw, which was still pushing him against the wall, fell forwards in shock and the two of them fell through the collapsing debris. Hit by a falling window pane, the Ro-Man fell off of the Giant Claw's back but fortunately had his fall broken by a pool of water. Shin Minilla and the Giant Claw weren't so lucky, being buried under the debris.

Shin Minilla climbed out of the debris and dusted off his knees. However, it wasn't over yet. The Giant Claw took him by surprise, grabbing him by the back of the neck and taking to the skies. It attempted to charge up its anti-matter shield, which would likely scramble Shin Minilla's atoms and destroy him. However, Shin Minilla launched his tail into the Giant Claw's chest, then firing an atomic beam and exploding it from the inside out. He landed by the pool of water and prepared to fight the Ro-Man, not bothering to take a look at the corpse of the Giant Claw as it landed on a car behind him, slowly burning away. The Ro-Man climbed out of the pool and his fur expanded, drying itself immediately before shrinking back down to its original size. Before they could fight, the Ro-Man quickly scanned him with a small device on his wrist. "What...? What are you doing?" asked Shin Minilla, clenching his fists. "EMP blast determined" stated the Ro-Man, raising his arm into the air and creating a huge Electromagnetic Pulse, temporarily knocking out Shin Minilla's atomic abilities. Shin Minilla attempted to fire an atomic beam, but found that he wasn't able to. The Ro-Man quickly punched him and the two engaged in a fist fight. As he had small arms, Shin Minilla also whacked him with his tail. Cracking the Ro-Man's helmet and obscuring his vision, Shin Minilla quickly jumped onto his back and began constricting his neck with his tail. Locating a button on his neck, he hoped for the best and pressed it, suddenly warping them out of the building.

Arriving on the spaceship, Shin Minilla was now out of the range of the Electromagnetic Pulse and blasted his tail beam through the Ro-Man's visor, burning his face and igniting his fur. Shin Minilla looked at the control panel and tried to figure out what each button did. The Brain let out a loud hiss, shocking Shin Minilla and making him literally jump. Shin Minilla looked at him and recoiled in disgust. "Oh! You... ugly... thing..." he said, looked at the Brain's huge and ugly face. The wires connected to its head suddenly detached and the Brain left its seat in the control pod. It roared at Shin Minilla, challenging him to a fight. Before Shin Minilla could react, the Brain lashed out at him and whipped his leg with its tail, pushing him down to the floor. The Brain quickly wrapped its tongue around Shin Minilla's chest, dragging him into his mouth and consuming him. It grinned, pleased that it had eaten him. It turned around to return to its seat in its control pod, before suddenly vomiting a gross yellow liquid. It looked at it's reflection and realised it's entire body was beginning to glow purple. Before it could revive the Ro-Man and spit Shin Minilla out of its mouth, it completely exploded, guts and organs flying everywhere. Shin Minilla gasped for breath, ripping the Brain's intestines away from his arms, legs and neck. "What a nightmare..." gasped Shin Minilla, spitting blood on the ground.

With nobody to control the ship, it suddenly began falling into Earth's orbit, crashing down at an alarmingly high speed. Spinning around and around, even igniting on fire as it entered the Earth's atmosphere, it got closer and closer to the planet. "What do I do?!" shouted Shin Minilla, rapidly pressing buttons and pulling levers, hoping that the ship would stop or fly back into space. He watched as it grew closer and closer to Earth, getting strangely close to America. "Well there goes the conspiracy theorists" quipped Shin Minilla, still pulling levers. The room suddenly glowed red and an alarm activated. "Boosters activated!" warned an electronic voice over a speaker system. "Boosters activated!" The Maschinenmensch in the back of the room lurched forwards, breaking free from the tubes in its arms and back. Lifeless, it fell to the ground like a ragdoll and its head fell off, rolling across the floor and tapping Shin Minilla's leg. Knowing he couldn't stop the ship from crashing, Shin Minilla blasted a hole in the warning and dived out into the ocean. He watched as the boosters activated, launching the spaceship into light speed, causing it to literally warp through time and disappear. "Huh..." said Shin Minilla, confused at what had just happened. "I wonder where it went..."

70 years ago in 1947, a saucer-like spaceship appeared above Roswell through a bright and colourful wormhole. The boosters on the back of the ship burnt out and the saucer crashed in the middle of the desert. Inside of the spaceship, a grey alien crawled from one side of the control room to the control panel, having broken free from the experimenting room. It coughed up purple blood and used the control panel for support as it tried to stand up. It looked at the dead corpses around it and fell against the control panel, observing all of the different buttons. It pulled a lever and input some code into a keyboard, activating a distress call for help. It then dropped to the ground, joining the other dead corpses. It looked into the face of the dead Ro-Man, the sole individual responsible for subjecting it to torture and experimentation. 70 years later, Earth continued to slowly rotate in space, just as it always did. Its blue, white and green colours made it stand out against the dark, empty void of space. Some stars decorated the empty space behind it, but Earth was the main exhibit on display. Approaching the planet was a dull, grey flying saucer with yellow lights circling around the middle of it. Inside the ship, a gorilla-like creature wearing a space helmet, known as the Ro-Man, operated the controls. "The system has identified our target" it said in a thick German accent. "Distress call has been determined as coming from Earth. It is another Ro-Man spaceship."

The End



  • Shin Minilla
  • Ro-Man
  • The Brain
  • The Giant Claw
  • Winged Serpents
  • Mollusks
  • Killer Shrews
  • Maschinenmensch
  • Grey Aliens



  • This is the first story on the FMK Wiki to use monsters from cult classic B-Movies.
  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature a monster from the Godzilla or Gamera movies.
  • The over-the-top deaths in this episode are a parody of the gory nature of classic B-Movies.
  • The ending of this story reveals that the B-Squad unknowingly got themselves caught in the destiny trap, becoming part of history by interfering with it, despite not being aware of doing such things.
  • The monsters featured in this episode come from the following B-Movies:
    • Ro-Man - Robot Monster (1953)
    • The Brain - The Brain (1988)
    • The Giant Claw - The Giant Claw (1957)
    • Winged Serpent - Q (1982)
    • Mollusks - The Monster That Challenged the World (1957)
    • Killer Shrews - The Killer Shrews (1959)
    • Maschinenmensch - Metropolis (1927)
  • Despite the bird from The Giant Claw being called 'La Carcagne', it is referred to as the Giant Claw in this episode as that is the name most people are familiar with.
  • Unlike what happens in The Brain, the Brain is already full-size in this story.
  • The Winged Serpents were originally meant to be the Giant Condor from Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. It was swapped out for the Winged Serpent as it still flies but isn't a monster from a Godzilla movie.
  • The Maschinenmensch was included in this episode as a tribute to Metropolis, a very influential black and white German movie which became 90 years old back in January. Her role was minimized in this story so that her character in the original film wasn't ruined or inaccurately portrayed, hence why she was also kept silent.
  • One of the scientists that gets killed by a Mollusk mentions a subject they've called the H-Man, an obvious reference to Toho's 1958 movie, H-Man.
  • The original name for the B-Squad was the B-Team, a joke referring to The A-Team.
  • This is the first and only episode in which Shin Minilla's tail doesn't speak.
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