The Monster Prince is a 2017 film produced, written and filmed by Spinocroc123. it is a prequel to Terry's Island and it is based on the 1968 series of the same name. It also ties the Godzilla/Terry universe in the timeline of the film "The Good Dinosaur".




Decades of his confrontation with Nahash, the now maturing Nessie will face a new threat of the savage alien gang called the Birdmen. But as he encounters them for the first time, he suffers a tragic loss.


  • David/Nessie: a massive Brontosaurus born to the descendants of Arlo.
  • Ibuki: a cave boy born to the decedent of Spot, and a close friend to Nessie.
  • Birdmen: a group of bird like aliens who are willing to consume earth's rich resources.
  • Planet Gamma Aliens: a more advanced race of beetle aliens who seek in domination over planet earth.
  • Pteranodon: a revived form of a dead Nictosaur called Thunderclap who is a pawn of the aliens.


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