This article covers The New Adventures of Oh Pi. Information concerning the original series featuring Oh Pi that was cancelled can be found here. The series takes place in the year 3007 and focuses on an alien being called Oh Pi that helps defend the Earth from evil threats, be it strange rabbit creatures or weird beehive creatures. This page does contain spoilers so read it at your own risk.


It is the year 3007 and the Earth has developed fascinating new technology. Now that space travel is more common, humanity has colonized other planets and the Earth has become a smaller place that is not as populated as it used to be. Instead of having countries, the Earth is divided into multiple sectors across the planet. An independent team of people work funded by the government hard to help protect the Earth from big threats such as evil kaiju. However, things get far crazier when an alien called Oh Pi arrives on Earth. The Earth suddenly becomes an open target for many strange creatures to attack, and it's up to Oh Pi and his new human friends to defend it.

Main Characters

Oh Pi

Nobody truly knows what Oh Pi is. All that is known of him is that he was born at the very beginning of the universe and is a child. Oh Pi spends most of his time traveling through space helping out countless civilizations though he always comes back to Earth due to it's unusually high number of Kaiju attacks. The actual name of his species is unknown but as he was the only one known to exist, the humans referred to his species as the Ohpinians. He is very good friends with Nurth, another kaiju who helps fight off attacking kaiju.


Though Oh Pi is the main titular character, Nurth is an equally important character. Nurth usually assists the humans in holding off enemy kaiju as Oh Pi gathers power. Nurth is the only monster that Oh Pi trusts as a friend. He is very sentimental and caring.

Oh Petta

Oh Petta is a female version of Oh Pi from a parallel universe. After accidentally falling out of his own universe, Oh Pi met Oh Petta and they soon fell in love. She isn't as powerful as she is but she still loves to help out. She replaced Nurth after he died at the end of the first series.

Frank Marsh

Frank is a very stern, authoritative person. He insists on others calling him 'Group Leader' and can be very strict at times. Despite this, he means well and acts with good intention. He treats the people he cares about with a much kinder attitude. Though he is considered a good leader, he can get too stressed at times and lose his temper. The image portraying him is an image of Ted Danson.

Barry Barrow

Though Barry may come off as a serious type of guy, he is very light-hearted and has a great sense of humour. He often makes jokes, even during serious moments. He puts on a happy personality to mask his somewhat distressed past. The image portraying him is an image of Bruce Harwood.

Susan Grant

Though very kind, Susan is a very shy person and isn't able to sustain any long conversation. She's very sweet, will always fight for peace if it is an option and can't bring herself to bring any pain to someone or something unless she is in serious peril. She's in love with Katherine but keeps these feelings hidden away, refusing to let anybody know about them. The image portraying her is an image of Hayley Atwell.

Katherine Hill

Katherine is very friendly, though she is the quickest of the group to get angry when put in tough situations. Katherine is very feisty and will be quick to defend herself and the people she cares about. She is good friends with each member of the group and is usually the first to reconcile if something happens between her and one of her friends. The image portraying her is an image of Mila Kunis.

David Daykin

David is a very kind person. He is open to talking with anyone and loves to have conversations due to his talkative nature. He likes to impress others with his technical genius and spends a lot of his spare time making new tools. He is very geeky and is a big fan of the science fiction genre and the kaiju genre. The image portraying him is an image of Zach Gilligan.

John Brierly

John is somewhat arrogant though is still open to cooperating with other people. He focuses on his work and isn't as fun and as lighthearted as the other members of the group are. It was later revealed that he was a secret agent employed by the Plot to sabotage the team. The image portraying him is an image of John Simm.

Lily Watling

Lily made her first appearance in the second series. The image portraying her is an image of Alexa Havings.

Main Villains

Verri Opee / Verri Inzignifi Kent

Verri is Oh Pi's brother that was separated from him at birth. As he was not supposed to be born, he was banished to the After Time where he spent the rest of his days. As an adult, he finally escaped to seek revenge.

The Plot

The Plot were evil masterminds that planned to gain ultimate power so that they could wreak havoc across the entire universe and take control over multiple different galaxies.


Season One



  • The image used to represent the Virtue sector is the Dalek city on Skaro from the Doctor Who story, The Daleks. It was chosen due to being a good example of cities in classic science fiction.

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