The Superhero That Deliberately Destroyed Japan Multiple Times is a short story written by Scoobydooman90001 that is set in Universe 1939. It is the second story written to have been set in that particular universe and was written on the 12th of February in 2017. However, it is the first story in chronological order.


Scene 1

It was another typical day on Earth. Japan had already been destroyed and yet it was still early in the morning. This was the seventh time this month that Japan had been destroyed. Three giant monsters were busy battling each other in the city they had chosen as their arena. One was tall, reptilian and charcoal in colour. This was Godzilla. His two opponents were a giant pile of sludge and pollution named Hedorah and a brown lizard kaiju with spikes on its back named Barugon. The two kaiju menacingly advanced towards him. Not at all scared of them, Godzilla blasted them with his atomic breath, completely exploding Hedorah. Barugon wasn't gonna go down so easily. He let out his loud roar and a giant rainbow fired out of his back and ascended into the skies. It then curved down and struck Godzilla in the back, knocking him down to the ground. Now that he was vulnerable, Barugon walked over to him and extended his tongue. However, Godzilla quickly rose back up and grabbed Barugon by the tongue. He swung Barugon over his shoulders and violently smashed him into the ground. Barugon slowly got back on his feet and tilted left and right. He was incredibly dizzy after being swung around. Godzilla charged up his atomic beam once more. Suddenly, the sky lit up multiple different colours. Both Godzilla and Barugon stared upwards as a giant meteor descended from the heavens. It was green, pink and yellow and was rotating erratically. Almost as if it were alive, it changed course and flew directly towards Godzilla. Ignoring the meteor, Barugon took his chance to attack Godzilla and jumped at him, pinning him down to the ground. He hit Godzilla in the face with his tongue multiple times, freezing his face in the process. He prepared his rainbow attack but was interrupted when the meteor crashed into the two kaiju!

Just a few hours later, this news had spread worldwide. Was Godzilla finally dead? Was Japan finally safe from being destroyed all of the time? Multiple different news reporters from different channels were watching the crater to see if Godzilla and Barugon were dead. One particular reporter named Janine Fletcher was already reporting live.

"Thanks Ted" she said, staring directly into the camera. "We're currently stood by the crater that was recently created by a giant meteor that came crashing down to Earth. It came down during a heated battle between Godzilla and Baragon, the Subterranean Monster." She stood there as someone communicated to her through her ear piece. "I've just been informed that it wasn't Baragon he was fighting. It was Barugon, the other Subterranean Monster. I've been stood here for about 30 minutes now waiting for some new information but it seems nothing new has come up. Back to you, Ted." Before the news channel could switch back to the studio, a giant blue beam of light burst out of the crater! Everyone gasped as Godzilla levitated out of the hole. He coughed and looked at the humans around him.

"What are these inferior beings" he said in a deep, masculine voice.

"You... You can talk?" asked the man directly in front of him. Godzilla towered over him.

"You can speak my language?" Godzilla replied.

"Uh, no" said Janine. Godzilla turned to face her. "You're speaking English. Our language."

"English? Me? Speaking English?" he shouted at the top of his lungs! "I speak only Godzillasaurian!"

"But you're speaking English" she answered back.

"I'd never defile my tongue with your filthy language!" he shouted. He put his two giant hands on his head as he struggled to come to terms with what happened. He shouted out in pain as his hands blasted out a freezing cold gas, forming patches of ice on his head. "What is this?" he asked himself, looking at the two blue glowing circles on his hand. "What have I become!" he furiously shouted, expecting someone to give him an answer. He watched as the colour body suddenly changed to a bright green colour. He temporarily went blind as his eyes changed to be completely yellow. Confused and frustrated, he flew directly upwards into the sky and then flew back towards the ocean, presumably to Monster Island. The humans stood in place, equally as confused. They suddenly stepped back when a brown claw reached out from the crater. Before they could tell what it was, it flew into the sky and disappeared.

"Uh... Back to you, Ted" said Janine, turning to face the camera.

Scene 2

Hours later on Monster Island, Godzilla was hiding inside of his cave.

"Hey dad!" said Minilla, walking over to him. Yes, he could speak English. He randomly had his size-changing powers from Ichiro's dream in Godzilla: Final Wars so you can just accept that he randomly has his ability to speak English now. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Leave me alone!" his father shouted. "Go away! You were told not to come back until you were good enough to be King of the Monsters!"

"But dad" said Minilla. "All I asked was---"

"---Shut up, you annoying child!" Godzilla turned towards his son and pointed at him. The blue circle on his hand flashed and Minilla was suddenly permanently warped to another dimension. Instead of caring like any concerned father would, he turned back around and sat down. Staring at his hands, he wondered what had happened to him. "The meteor" he said to himself, finally remembering the battle between him, Hedorah and Barugon. "It's the meteor that must have changed me" said Godzilla, showing off his new heightened intelligence. The original barbaric Godzilla would never have realized that. He'd probably have forgotten that the meteor even existed. "The meteor changed my body and gave me these new powers. What else has it done to me?" Out of nowhere, electricity bolts suddenly fired from his fingertips. "What the?" he asked, jumping so far back that he levitated off the ground. He very quickly landed back on the ground. It was difficult coming to terms with these new powers of his. He watched as small bolts of electricity crackled around his fingers. Two red lasers suddenly fired out from his eyes and hit the floor. He leaned against the wall and created a giant Godzilla-shaped dent in it. He turned around and looked at it. "Super strength too?" he asked. The blue circles on his hands glowed again and he used force powers to fix the wall. "And I'm a Jedi?" he asked. "Wait, how do I know what a Jedi is?" He thought up of more popular film franchises. "Why do I suddenly know so much about Earth and their ridiculous things?" he asked. He couldn't comprehend that the meteor had flooded his brain with information on the Earth and the many different cultures on it.

Meanwhile in New York, a giant gargantuan best-like man was destroying multiple buildings. It was Gaira and it seemed like he was pissed off.

"It's that giant Gargantua thing again!" shouted someone in the giant crowd. Based on this comment he made, it seemed like Gaira attacking New York was a common occurrence. "He's destroying us again!"

"Isn't that a bit redundant?" asked the man next to him.

"What do you mean?" he replied.

"Gargantua already implies that this thing is big. Do we really need the word 'giant' in front of it?"

"Hey" said a woman as a she approached. "Maybe you should run!" They all made a run for it as Gaira threw a car towards them. He continued to rampage through the city, punching through the sides of buildings and stamping his foot through the ground.

"Help us!" shouted someone in the crowd as they ran. Police officers stood behind cars and fired their guns at Gaira, attempting to harm it. However, their guns were useless against Gaira's almighty strength. He swept his arm through the top floors of two buildings and sent the debris falling down towards the police officers, completely crushing them. He was about to continue punching buildings when he noticed a photographer in the middle of the abandoned street. He was setting up his camera on a tripod and adjusting it so that he could get a good photo. He set it so that there was a black and white filter over the image. Despite not being able to see this, Gaira somehow knew and shouted in anger. Black and white filters made him angry! He ran over to the photographer and looked down towards him. The ignorant photographer continued to change the settings on his camera. He then looked up, noticing the giant creature that stood in front of him. Gaira raised his foot and prepared to crush the little man. The man became to scream in terror as Gaira slowly lowered his foot, bringing it closer and closer to his face. The man screamed even more as the foot got nearer. He stared at his camera on the tripod as the foot began to press down on it. Gaira continued to push his foot down but the camera was far too strong for him, resisting the weight of his gargantuan foot. The man was now on the floor crying and screaming, rolling around and having an epileptic fit. Gaira tried to push his foot down but the camera still resisted. Gaira frowned and pushed down even harder. The tripod legs began to bend but it still stayed in place. As this happened, the man was still screaming and was hitting the ground with his fist.

"You monster!" he screamed. "You horrible monster!" Gaira let out another roar and put even more effort into crushing the camera. Something finally happened as the tripod legs stopped bending. This pushed Gaira's foot upwards and sent him flying miles into the sky and past the clouds. The man took this opportunity and grabbed his camera, running away to safety. On Monster Island, Godzilla was still testing out his powers when his eyes suddenly changed colour and became white. He was seeing a vision of Gaira attacking New York! He had to save the day!

Scene 3

Ten minutes later, Gaira finally fell back down to Earth and landed in the middle of Japan. He stood up and looked around, unsure of where he was. Before he knew it, two buildings levitated from the ground and had been slammed into his face! Godzilla descended from the clouds and came into view. He now had a red long cape running down his back that flowed gracefully in the wind. On the front of the cape was the letters 'SG'.

"Fool!" he shouted at Gaira. "You think you can destroy these vile locations and get away with it?" Gaira was now looking at him, confused at who this hero was. "You know I live here too?" asked Godzilla. "Every time you pitiful wretches destroy this place, I'm the one who gets blamed for it just because I did the same thing back in 1954! I've had enough of that!" he shouted. "Now leave or I will destroy you. Do you understand?" Multiple Japanese citizens stared up at the two monsters, confused as to what was happening and why there was a gigantic green lizard shouting. Gaira let out his almighty roar and charged towards Godzilla. "How very stupid" said Godzilla, raising his right arm and pushing Gaira back with his force powers. "Is that all you've got?" he asked. Gaira ran towards him again and jumped into the air. However, Godzilla used his force powers again and held him in place. "It's no use!" he shouted, blasting him backwards. "Take this!" He burned Gaira's hair with his scorching eye lasers, laughing as he did so. "Had enough? Return to wherever you came from right now or I shall completely obliterate you and end your worthless existence."

"Scared..." Gaira mumbled, trying his best to form a complete sentence. Knowing that Godzilla was too strong for him, he ran away and prepared to dive into the ocean. However, he wasn't finished yet. He reached down, pretending he was climbing into the water and then grabbed a boat. He quickly turned around and threw it at Godzilla!

"You shouldn't have done that" he said, looking down at the boat impaled in his chest. He pulled it out to reveal that it had barely even wounded him. Gaira now knew that there was no turning back. He'd really screwed himself over now. "Prepare to die, useless maggot!" shouted Godzilla, charging up his electricity bolts. He fired them at Gaira sending thousands of near-fatal bolts throughout his body. That wasn't enough though. He picked up Gaira's unconscious body with the force and burned through his arms with his eye lasers. He then used his force powers to rip Gaira's legs away from his body, leaving him only as a torso and head. "Tremble before my power!" shouted Godzilla. He lifted Gaira upwards and aimed towards the ocean. "See ya" he said, blasting him away into the distance. "On second thoughts, no, I won't. Don't come back."

"Godzilla rocks!" shouted a child on the streets. Everyone else looked at him and back up at Godzilla. After a few seconds of silence, they all began to clap and congratulated his triumphant victory.

"He's so awesome!" screamed a lady from the crowd. "I want to have his babies! I need them!"

"He's an absolute asshole!" shouted another guy. "He brutally killed that thing!"

"Wow" said Godzilla to himself. "They all love me... They think I'm amazing!" He realized now that people appreciated his efforts to defend Japan. He descended down to the humans and looked at them all. "Yes, humans!" he shouted triumphantly. "I've saved you all yet again! There's no need to thank me! You're welcome" he said. "You're all welcome!" Out of nowhere, multiple different news reporters showed up.

"Down here!" shouted a male reporter in a smart suit. "Hello. My name is Thomas Thomas Edward Thomas. Yes, that is my full name. I'm reporting for Channel 6 News. Can you please tell me who you are and why you've made it your mission to defend Japan?" he asked.

Godzilla thought carefully about this question. "No" he said, flying into the sky and disappearing from view.

"Absolutely wonderful!" shouted Thomas with a smile on his face. "There you have it folks. The first interview with this mysterious vigilante." He stood still for a few seconds and then fell to the floor, having a mental breakdown because Godzilla didn't answer his question. He pulled out a gun. "I'm coming to join you, gran!" he shouted, pulling the trigger and killing himself.

"I've still got to have his babies!" shouted the enthusiastic lady from earlier. Godzilla Man suddenly returned, blasted her with a green beam of light from his two hands and she grew in size to match his size. He picked her up in his arms and flew back to Monster Island.

Scene 4

Just a week later, the entire world knew about this mysterious superhero that looked exactly like Godzilla. Who was he? He was so mysterious! Reports of Godzilla Man had swept the nation. This was the superhero name that the vigilante had gave himself. He wanted to call himself Super Godzilla but he was sued for copyright as Toho had already made a game based off of him that featured a Super Godzilla. They didn't actually earn any money though as Godzilla Man didn't carry any currency. He still kept the 'SG' letters on his cape to annoy them. Ever since he had gained super powers, Godzilla Man's life had become better and better. Everyone respected him, he now had a girlfriend (who had finally achieved her wish of having his babies) and was expecting a child to be born in a couple of months time. Today he was going to be interviewed live on TV. He was already at the studio and was sat down in a giant chair. The interview would have taken place a few days ago but they had to rebuild the studio so that Godzilla Man could sit in it.

"Alright" said Janine, sitting in her chair. "And we're on in 3... 2... 1... Welcome back to Channel 9 News!" she said reading off of the teleprompter. "I'm here today for the first time broadcasting live in the studio. Just to my right is Godzilla Man, the mysterious hero who saved Japan from that gargantuan monster a week ago." She looked up to him. "How are you doing today?" she asked.

"Well" said Godzilla Man, turning to face the camera. "I'm doing fine, I suppose."

"Good" she said. "Now I'd like to ask a couple of questions if that's okay with you?" she asked.

"Sure" he said, crossing his legs. "Go ahead."

"We all know now that you're an amazing superhero" she said. "What we don't know is your real identity? Who are you? Why have you chosen to call yourself Godzilla Man?" She looked up at him and he looked back at her. Around five seconds of awkward silence passed before she let out a little cough. Two more seconds passed.

"Are you serious right now?" he asked.

"Yes" she said. "Could you answer my question?"

"Uh, yes" he said. "I've called myself Godzilla Man because I'm Godzilla."

"Interesting" she said. "I've noticed you like to keep a sense of mystery about yourself."

"But I literally just told you who I am and why---"

"---Yes, fascinating" she said, clearly ignoring him. "Now I'll ask the next question. There's currently a giant monster attacking New York. Why are you here talking to me and not helping out America?"

"Probably because I didn't know there were monsters currently attacking New York" he said. "I'll go help them straight away!" he triumphantly shouted, standing out of his chair. He accidentally hit his head against the ceiling and smashed a hole through the roof. Lots of debris fell down into the studio breaking various parts of the set. One chunk of stone hit Janine in the head, guaranteeing that she'd end up with some form of amnesia when she woke up in the hospital. Godzilla Man realized his mistake and tried to carefully leave the studio. However, he accidentally knocked down the ceiling lights which fell down into the audience, killing everyone. "Uh... I'll... I'll be off then" he said, taking on a ghost-like form and walking through the wall. Why he didn't just do this to begin with is a mystery. He put his hands on his hips, took on a solid form again and looked into the clouds. He moved his hands away from his hips and launched off of the ground so that he could save New York. The Earth now had its very own superhero and things were going to change. Things were going to change a lot.

The End





  • Despite being the first story set in the Godzilla Man timeline, it was the second story to have been written.
  • Hedorah's quick death is a reference to his appearance in Godzilla: Final Wars.
  • Janine references how incredibly similar Baragon and Barugon are.
  • The scene with Gaira crushing the photographer is a parody of a scene from the Invader Zim episode, Battle of the Planets. It didn't need to be included but I just love that scene so much that I had to parody it.
    Battle of the Planets - Soda Crushing Scene

    Battle of the Planets - Soda Crushing Scene

  • Godzilla Man tells Gaira that "it's no use!" and that he should "take this!" These are references to lines of dialog that Silver the Hedgehog repetitively says during his boss fight in Sonic 06.
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