ThiefRat is the most agile and the fastest ratzilla to ever exist in the Ratzilla universe.

Abilities Edit

(his electricity is white)

  • ThiefRat can shoot electricity balls from his mouth.
  • ThiefRat has electric tail, it does same like Ratzilla does with his tail.
  • ThiefRat can become invisible for 10 minutes, after the invisibility time expires, he must recharge
  • ThiefRat is very very very very very agile.
  • ThiefRat is also pretty pretty pretty fast, he goes 100 km per hour.

History Edit

Like every other ratzilla, he was mutated from a nuclear bomb. One night, ThiefRat stole millitary's super weapons, tanks, jets, helicopter and etc... so millitary and the citiy were defenceless.

Appearence Edit

ThiefRat looks like a giant rat with black fur, white eyes, gray pattern on his mouth, and 3 shades of gray on his tail.

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