The Third Mexican Empire is an empire made by Mexico in 1896 by the Emperor Joseph I


The flag represents with much bigger power than any mexican empire flag.


The anthem has the same lyrics and instrumental of the traditional mexican anthem, but with socialist style.


In 1895, the mexican government and Jose Diaz Ortega decided to make new politics for Mexico. In 1896, Mexico was now an empire, and Jose Diaz Ortega was the emperor of Mexico. Mexico's economy and military power was growing too much and mexico became a powerful country. In WW2, Mexico invaded Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador in 1943, the US and the UK warned Mexico not to invade the countries, Mexico ignored the warning and invaded the four countries. USA and UK declared war on Mexico. The Axis supported Mexico with troops and airstrike. Mexico won and USA let Mexico own the four countries. In 1966, Mexico planned to make another war on the US to get back their territories.



Third Mexican Empire country


  • The Third Mexican Empire is the most powerful Latin American country in Universe 636.

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