Thunder Pics d'Aran is a classy Thunder Darambia from an unknown universe created by KoopaGalaxain. Thunder Pics d'Aran loves wine, particularly more posh and valuable types.


Thunder Pics d'Aran looks like a normal Thunder Darambia, except for the fact that he wears a top hat and a monocle on one of his eyes. He also carries a wine glass with him everywhere he goes, either to drink from or to use as a weapon.


Thunder Pics d'Aran's name comes from a poor translation of Thunder Darambia's name in Japanese, taken from an listing for a Thunder Darambia spark doll.[1]


Thunder Pics d'Aran The Movie: Curse of the Whining Wine!

In his debut film, Thunder Pics d'Aran was revealed to live in a French Chateau, making wine for his own personal use, when one day some problems began to affect his wine. It was revealed to be the work of Beergan, who wanted to destroy all the wine in the world! Thunder Pics d'Aran and Beergan ended up fighting, with d'Aran eventually being successful.

Council of Creators

In this series, Thunder Pics d'Aran makes a small cameo in the 29th episode, Terror in Times Square! Kirkos vs. The Bootnokk Battalion!. He was busy drinking wine at a bistro in New York City in Universe 6991 when he happened to notice the fight going on between Kirkos and the Bootnokk Battalion, made up of Sheridan, Jolly the Christmas Pudding, Longy, the Long Godzilla, Teeny, the Tiny Godzilla and Hedron. After deciding that he hadn't drunk enough to even care about what was going on, he got up from the table and walked away, presumably to find a wine shop to buy some more wine from.

According to Super Jolly, he has to get to an 'important party at some French monster's Chateau'. This party was almost certainly being held by Thunder Pics d'Aran.


  • Wine Glass: Thunder Pics d'Aran holds a wine glass at all times. He may use it as a weapon, or he may drink from it to recover health.
  • Electricity: Like the normal Thunder Darambia, Thunder Pics d'Aran can harness electricity.
  • Alcohol Resistance: Thunder Pics d'Aran can drink as much as he likes without ever getting drunk.


  • Even though this monster is based off a poor translation, I actually like his name a lot.
  • I first discovered the translation error that would lead to this monster's creation while buying a figure of Thunder Darambia on


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