Toth is a a raptor looking bird with lilac feathers, two large blackish-green feathers on it's head and a big light green feather on it's tail close to his spike.


In 1999 in Devon, England, a 5 meter tall egg hatched, coming out of the egg appeared a young Toth and it started to eat a whole cattle of cows that was near him. In the next day reports of a giant bird that ate cattle started to appear all over Devon. After a week of sightings, Toth attacked the City of Exeter. Soon the military appeared and shot down the bird, but Toth started to release a powerful poison from it's claws and beak. The poison was so strong that it melted buildings and and tanks. After leaving a destroyed, uninhabitable and infected Exeter Toth was pursued and wounded by Ultraman Atum.After being being drowned by Ultraman Atum Toth was destroyed by his Ultraman Atum.


  • Fly: Is shown that Toth is an adapted flying creature;
  • Tail: He can use his tail to swipe off enemy helicopters;
  • Beak: He can use his beak to eat and drill through prey's flesh;
  • Poison: Toth's poison is so strong that can melt building and military vehicles easily and can make places uninhabitable to creatures live on.


  • Toth's original name was "Garuga".