Toxix is an Eris kaiju created by MosuFan2004.


Toxix is a black-green bug with lime glowing eyes and a biohazard symbol on his stomach. He also glows lime.


Toxix is a kaiju from Eris, the dwarf planet that is well-known for its very deadly kaiju from it. When Eris entered the solar system, the kaiju from it began attacking the sorounding planets.


  • Toxic: Toxix can release toxic gas from his body.
  • Toxic beam: Toxix can shoot a toxic beam from his forehead.
  • Toxic bite: When Toxix bites someone or something, toxic spreads all over the victim's body.
  • Nuclear, fire and toxic resistance: Fire, radioactivity and toxic can't harm Toxix.
  • Absorbing: Toxix can absorb toxic.
  • Bam: Toxix can create a powerful toxic explosion. He mostly uses that as a defensive weapon.

With Nuxlear

When Toxix and Nuxlear combine their powers they are much stronger.

  • Radioactivity-Toxic spreading: They can release powerful radioctivity and toxic from their bodies and thus the radioactivity and toxic spread very fast.
  • Nuclo-Toxi beam: When they fire their beams at the same time, they combine them and then create a nuclear-toxic beam.
  • Ka Boom: They can create a powerful nuclear explosion that is also toxic.
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