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The Toy Jesters are living human-sized puppets created by Scoobydooman90001 that serve as the play things of Child Mind. They made their appearance in the third season of the series.


Each Jester has a different appearance, though they are all humanoid in shape. With the exception of the first Jester, they are all colour coded to a specific colour. The first, third, fourth and fifth Jesters are male whereas the second and sixth Jesters are female. Some of them wear different outfits to each other, with the third Jester wearing a long robe and the fifth Jester wearing a bright yellow jacket. The third and fifth Jesters are the only Jesters to have facial hair.


To be added.


Each Jester represents a different type of toy.

Jester One - Normal toys, from generic toys to movie-based toys.

Jester Two - Represents childish toys aimed specifically at children.

Jester Three - Represents sin and rude toys appropriate only for adults.

Jester Four - Represents silliness and gimmicky toys such as the Toys-to-Life genre.

Jester Five - Represents greed, money and collectors items that barely qualify as toys.

Jester Six - Represents despair and the forgotten discarded toys.


The Toy Jesters possess multiple different abilities:

  • Teleportation: The Toy Jesters can be warped to any location, though this ability can only be used rarely as it needs to be charged over time. When they arrive at a destination, they drop out of the ceiling as if being held up on strings, just like normal puppets.
  • Levitation: Though the Jesters stand in place, they glide across the ground when they move, like puppets being pulled along by strings. The first, second and sixth Jesters are the only Jesters that always levitate.
  • Weapons: Each Toy Jester has their own specially assigned weapon.
    • The first Jester uses a broadsword.
    • The second Jester uses a jack-in-the-box.
    • The third Jester uses a black whip.
    • The fourth Jester uses a rattle that fires electricity.
    • The fifth Jester uses a steel cane.
    • The sixth Jester doesn't have a weapon.
  • Toy Beams: The Toy Jesters can fire beams that transforms their targets into small figurines.


  • The Toy Jesters were originally going to be the main antagonists of the third season of Council of Creators before it was decided that they would instead be the mere play things of Child Mind.
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