History Edit

After Earth being polluted so much that couldn't be habited by life anymore, humans moved to the spaceship named "The Ark" in the hope they could find another planet where humanity could live again, after centuries of years of searching through space, the "The Ark" crashes into a planet Traxeguara.

Appearence Edit

Traxeguara design is similar to "Earth" in the state of Pangaea. Traxeguara has It's own diversed Fauna and Flora. Just like in "Earth" Traxeguara has 4 seasons and each is different:

  • Nubila aka."Winter": In this season the weather is colder, snow and blizzards happen often and the temperature is in the minimum - 10ºc. and the maximum is 16ºc.
  • Germinabunt aka."Spring": In this season the weather is balanced it rains often and theres often sunny days and the minimum temperature is 15ºc. and the maximum is 31ºc.
  • Ignis aka."Summer": In this season the weather is hoter and it rarely rains and the minimum temperature is 30ºc and maximum is 51ºc.
  • Siccum aka."Autumm": In this season the weather is more cooler than Germinabount but hoter then Nubila and the minimum temperature is 6ºc. and maximum is 18ºc.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Traxeguara is Prounounced Trag-zeh-gwa-ra or Trag-zeh-ga-rua.
  • Traxeguara has the same Length,Height and Weight as Earth.

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