Trollzilla is a kaiju that only exist to troll the inhabitants of Monster Island.


Trollzilla looks like a white Godzilla with a troll face.


After some Internet trolls got mad at Godzilla for roasting them on a forum, they stole some of his DNA, combing it with that of the ancient troll god, Trollfacius. Thus, Trollzilla was born. Trollzilla immediately went on a rampage and killed his creators. When one of them asked "why?" Trollzilla simply responded with "Problem?" before blasting him away with hi Dank Meme Beam. Trollzilla then made his way to Monster Island, where he continuously trolled the Kaiju there, even during large battles, on account of the fact that Trollzilla didn't really care about anything other than trolling. As such, he has no friends and everyone hates him. T-Rex later said he was relived that the idoits stole Godzilla's DNA rather than his. Trollzilla considered helping kill Trumpzilla, but he thought it would be funny if he did nothing.


  • Dank Meme Beam. A beam made of only the dankest of memes
  • The ability to pull random powers out of his a**. Only does this to annoy others.


  • Trollzilla's design is based on Albino Godzilla, an unoriginal Kaiju that used to be on this wiki.
  • I like to imagine his roar would be that troll song. If anyone can upload it for me, please do.
  • Trollzilla is my first meme Kaiju, not counting Gangsta Ghidorah. Trust me, he will not be the last.