Tsuagon is a subterranean kaiju awakened by the Tsar Bomba in 1961.



Tsuagon has tan skin, with brown finger nails, green eyes, and a yellow horn on his head. He is 60 meters tall, and is 100 meters head to tail and weighs 50,000 metric tons.


Tsuagon has a destructive, but kind, personality.


Tsuagon has fire breath, green lasers that come from his eyes, and lighting that comes from his horn.


In 1961, when the Soviet Union dropped the Tsar Bomba, it awakened Tsuagon, and he just absorbed the bomb's power, since he was weak for sleeping underground for thousands of years. He got out of his hole, and headed for Moscow, for some how recognizing the Russian pilots in the escort planes. He destroyed Moscow, and dug back underground. The Soviet Union was trying to hatch a plan to kill Tsuagon. One of the Soviet Union leaders suggested a H-Bomb onto him. They tried, but it only made him stronger, after that, he destroyed Moscow once again. 50 years later in 2011, the U.S government teamed up with Russia, to deal with Tsuagon. Meanwhile, he was in a German city destroyed it and everyone. The U.S sent 12,000 troops and tanks to Tsuagon's area, they fired, but Tsuagon was not harmed. The U.S decided to use 2 nuclear bombs to drive him off, when they dropped them, Tsuagon was too overpowered, and was droven back into the ground, and has been there for 6 more years.

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