Tsuagon is a dinosaur that first appeared in Tsuagon The Subterranean Terror.



Tsuagon has cork skin, a coffee brown underside, a yellow horn, white teeth, white eyes, gray finger and toe nails, and a pincher at the end of his tail.


Tsuagon's personality type is unknown, but it is known that he does not like to fight other kaiju, but only if he has to.


Tsuagon can produce a beam of sharp, blue fire-like energy that can cut through things with ease, that includes tough hide like Godzilla's. He can transform between his normal form, and NEO Tsuagon, but only if he has the energy to do it. He can also grab kaiju by the end of his tail and swing them around with ease while injecting poison into the kaiju.


His family origin is unknown, though his backstory is known.

In the year 1789, a Indian tribe was worshiping a giant monster named Tsuagon, they claimed the god can use his horn to cause lightning. Then, 205 years later in 1994, scientist studied this "god legend" that was passed down to generations of the tribe. They figured out that this was infact a kaiju called Tsuagon. It fought Anguirus, King Kong, and Godzilla's species. 20 years later, Tsuagon decided to move into a cave under Austin Texas. Then, suddenly Fire Rodan appeared and destroying a neighborhood with the young boy Ashton in one of the house. Tsuagon quickly moved to stop Rodan, but it was almost too late, Rodan was going to blast Ashton with his ray, but then Tsuagon grabbed Rodan, and killed him with his fire energy blast, and dropped Rodan to the ground. He looked at the young boy, and Ashton thanked Tsuagon for rescuing him.

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