Tsunami Cataclysm is a Jaeger from the comic series Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero.


When Daggerjaw was attacking Seattle, they sent Tsunami Cataclysm and three other Jaegers were sent to kill it. They soon started to fight the Kaiju.

They battled for a long period of time. However, they were soon being picked off. Daggerjaw was destroying the Jaeger by Jaeger. Until, there was one Jaeger left, Tsunami Cataclysm. This battle lasted longer.

Daggerjaw jumped at Tsunami Cataclysm, but Tsunami Cataclysm punched Daggerjaw in the jaw. This cracked its jaw. Then Tsunami Cataclysm whipped out his sword. He sliced Daggerjaw's left arm off, but not soon enough to stop it using the right arm and ripping the sword off. However, Tsunami Cataclysm used the teasers on his arm, and flung Daggerjaw around while sending currents of electricity into Daggerjaw. Daggerjaw crashed into several buildings. Then, Tsunami Cataclysm used his photon blaster, and killed Daggerjaw.


Tsunami Cataclysm is a bluish- grew color, with a red visor. His right arm has a photon blaster on it, and the left arm has a hand. He has missile launchers on his shoulders.


  • Missile launchers
  • Speed
  • Photon beam
  • Retractable sword
  • Tasers


  • This is the first Jaeger I've made.