Kizr gidra by くびたろう
The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

This story was written by Scoobydooman90001, SuperNerd295, and KingOfKretaceous in the FMK Wikia chat room. This story is a parody of all of those poorly made creepypastas and copypastas that can be found across the internet and revolves around Roblox Murderer Raptor, one of the most dumbest kaiju on the wiki.


One night, a young person of an unspecified and therefore debatable gender is walking through the woods before meeting the mysterious Builderman and being offered to pay 19 dollars a month for Outrageous Builders Club.


  • it was a sp00py night
  • with a moonless sp00py sky
  • the sp00py levels where real
  • 1then the sp00py builderman came along and told me to pay 19 dollars a month for Outrageous Builders Club
  • i said no and tried to walk away but he had used his sp00py admin commands to slow down my walk speed
  • he said "you gon' pay for this you little bitch"
  • i said "no"
  • but then, salvation came
  • it was another user
  • "help me!" i shouted
  • however, the other user....
  • ....was a guest.
  • "oh fuck" i said, beginning to cry
  • "is there nobody that can help me?"
  • i felt builderman taking my sp00py wallet out of my pocket with his sp00py hands
  • "you've only got 4 dollars in this wallet" he said
  • "hah, get fucked" i said. "now i cant pay for your sp00py outrageous builders club"
  • builderman wasnt done quite yet
  • he upgraded to the 3.0 body package and used his newly formed hands to make a loud whistle sound
  • this summoned the ever so sp00py roblox murderer raptor
  • and then
  • just like that
  • he had slit my throat open
  • i bled to death
  • nobody knows who killed me
  • or how i was killed
  • and i fear my little brother may be next
  • as i had left my roblox account to him in my will
  • but wait, i hear you ask
  • how did i write this?
  • i didnt
  • im actually
  • roblox murderer raptor
  • fuck yeah thats a plot twist you didn't see coming
  • don't forget
  • the blood was HYPER REALISTIC
  • forgot to mention that.





  • The page is formatted that way to look like a shitty Copypasta.
  • This story can also be found on the One Word Story wikia and Cdrzillafanon's wikia.
  • The original title of this story was Sp00py Story for Friday the 13th before it was renamed to the more satirical title, Tuesday the 30th. Now doesn't that sound frightening?

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