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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
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The Twin Tail Doll is a semi-creepy doll of T-Rex's friend Twin Tail that first appeared in T-Rex R, and afterwords became a crappypoopsa character for unknown reasons.


The Twin Tail Doll resembles a doll of Twin Tail, as it's name implies.


Universe 986

The Twin Tail Doll was a new character created for T-Rex R. It is unknown why the creators thought that this character needed to exist, but he does. After the games release, the T-Rex fandom became oddly fascinated with the Twin Tail Doll, and for even more mysterious reasons, some thought he was....creepy. As such, the Twin Tail Doll had several crappypoopas written about it, in a vain attempt to make the doll "scary". However, since crappypoopsa fans are idiots, they actually believed this and he became a horror character or something. After becoming an actual Kaiju through the phenomenon that caused the events of the previous T-Rex games to be mirrored in reality, the Twin Tail Doll decided to embrace it's status as a "scary" character and started murdering people with chainsaws and katanas, and possessing copies of T-Rex R. At some point, he aligned himself with Godzilla.exe, due to a fanart trend that both Kaiju decided to go with. The Twin Tail Doll is no longer thought to be spooky, but he wants you to think he is.

Moving Universes

Due to having digital powers like Godzilla.exe, the Twin Tail Doll decided to move to Universe 1602 in the same fashion. In that universe he and Godzilla.exe spend their time trying to spook people.

The Mentally Insane Adventures of T-Rex

The Twin Tail Doll appeared alongside Godzilla.exe in the third episode of the series. He was easily killed by T-Rex Jr after one line of dialogue.


  • Same as normal Twin Tail
  • Video game possession
  • Katana- Katana
  • Chainsaw- Chainsaw


  • The Twin Tail Doll is an obvious parody of the Tails Doll.
  • The idea for this Kaiju came from the fact that in the T-Rex games, the Ultra Kaiju Twin Tail is the stand in for Tails.
  • The Twin Tail doll is the third character created for the T-Rex games, after Evil T-Rex and Metal T-Rex, as well as being the first not to be a T-Rex variation.